4 Common Ways to Win More Hockey Games

Today we learn 4 common ways to win more hockey games. I will do this in the form of a short list: 1) Intimidate the Referee Careful manipulation of the referee with degrading comments can be effective in getting calls in your favour. For example, if you are an older, intimidating coach, and the referee […]

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Elite Hockey Development Drills – Full Ice Shooting Stretch

Description:  Players line up in all four corners of the ice surface. On the whistle, two players, 01 and 02, leave without a puck up ice from opposite corners. 01 skates as outlined toward 03,02 moving into mid-ice. 03 gives a pass to 01. 01 skates with the puck up ice, and moves the puck […]

EHD Full Ice Shooting - Stretch

Being Hockey, Not Just Playing The Game!

A mindful hockey player is an athlete who exhibits a mindfulness mindset, that occurs from a high level of consciousness, not necessarily a high skill level. This means that any hockey player can be one, regardless of their skill level. Mindfulness refers to a state of “being fully present in the present moment, with acceptance and without judgement.” […]


Hockey Share Drill of the Week – Aggressive 4 Line Pass

Aggressive 4 Line Pass Description:  1 passes to 4 4 passes to 2 2 passes to 3 3 cuts to net and does a quick give and go with 2 3 shoots each player goes immediately to the line they passed to after completing the pass. For more drills checkout HockeyShare at hockeyshare.com

Aggressive 4 Line Pass

How to Coach Players Who Have No Confidence

Today we learn how to coach players who have no confidence. To illustrate, let me tell you about a time a famous NHL coach came out to our practice at UBC. He worked with us on our power play breakout. It was a decent breakout. If I had my angle right, and my teammates had […]

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Teaching Width in Attack

Promoting width to our players whilst they are young provides endless qualities that help create the necessary habits in Ice hockey whilst on offence. This week my focus is keeping my young players out of the middle of the Ice. We speak about it during our practices and games but I felt its something we […]

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10 Rules for Coaching Kids

Coaching the younger generation of athletes has developed so much in recent years, due to further research into athletic development and the ever adapting sports they play. The game of hockey has changed so much meaning that the players need to adapt to the increased speed, strength and power of their opponents. One thing that […]

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The Ups & Downs of Short Term Competition

Rewind to late December, 2014. I’m asleep in a hotel in Calgary. A knock on the door at 5am was all I needed to know the worst was true. Callahan Brebner wouldn’t be playing at 9am against the New York Junior Islanders. Nothing terrifies hockey coaches on the road more than sudden illness. Everything could […]

Ups and Downs of Short Term Competition