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CoachThem Drill of the Week: Defence Breakout Progression With Shot

Drill Description: Drill starts with Coach dumping in a puck. Both D1 and D2 tag up and one D retrieves puck and other supports. Go D-D and breakout to D3 who shoots; Coach dumps to opposite corner and D-D and pass to D4 for second shot Change D Progression: same format but this time D-D reverse Progression: same format but this […]

The Power of the Hockey Community When a Teammate Needs Help

Everyone here at TCS HQ is involved with the game in one way or another, and the relationships we’ve created, the memories, the experiences both good and bad… None of that can hold a jockstrap to the power of our community when one of our members is in a tough spot. A powerful young coach […]

VIDEO | Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie Coach Steve Briere: the Goalie Business Plan

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been adding important people to the culture of their hockey team for awhile now, and for Maple Leafs Goalie Coach Steve Briere, it’s important to be an impactful piece of the puzzle. Everything I have in life comes from being a goalie. Playing in front of pressure is the greatest gift […]

The Regroup | Mid-Season Measurements & Analytics

2019 is here and hopefully, so too is the improvement of your hockey team. Bit of a stretch? Alright, perhaps our wit is stuck in 2018.  Anyways, one of the great things we talked about last week here at TCS HQ is the importance of analytics. Now, you might not want to spend the time […]

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The Strategic Dump & Recovery Play – A Pressure Offensive Tactic

It’s important to differentiate between a dump and chase play where there is no evidence of strategy or tactics being deployed and a strategic dump-in recovery play. A strategic dump-in recovery play tactic properly designed and executed is an offensive pressure tactic that should be part of every good offensive team’s game plan.  In the […]

CoachThem Drill of the Week: Buffalo 3 vs 3

Drill Description: Key concept is for the defensive player to get and keep a tight gap on the offensive player F skates the circles and D tries to stay a stick length away The drill then turns into a 1-1 drill on the opposite goal For more drills visit ————> CoachThem

Is the Powerplay Drop Pass Working? Here’s an Alternative

This is a special contribution from Gus Katsaros, a hockey analyst with McKeen’s Hockey focusing on the integration of analytics, video and systems analysis. Follow him on Twitter: @KatsHockey Let’s talk about the power play drop pass, a near universally adopted tactic promoting controlled zone entries. I am not a fan of this play and […]

VIDEO | Mirtle & Bourne: Current Trends and the Future of Analytics

Sometimes the best perspective is an unbiased perspective. That’s the basis of The Athletic, a sports-writing company started a couple years ago with a mission of providing in-depth sports content that goes further than the average newspaper. James Mirtle is one of the architects of The Athletic, and one of the driving forces behind their […]