• t12

    Wrap Around

    Another way to walk out from behind the net. Being able to use your forward momentum and forcing the “D” to think one way, then reversing it quickly. Ted SuihkonenI grew...

  • aaron_video

    Interview with TheCoachesSite founder Aaron Wilbur

    Hannah Bernard sits down with founder Aaron Wilbur to discuss the upcoming 2014 Hockey Coaches Conference, being held at the  Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre on the UBC Campus July...

  • t11

    Crossover Shot

    Working on getting the shot off quickly, and using your momentum to help shoot the puck while in stride. Ted SuihkonenI grew up playing hockey in Northern Minnesota for the state...

  • t8

    Multiple Pucks (4 Shots)

    Trying to stress the nervous system while handling multiple pucks. Ted SuihkonenI grew up playing hockey in Northern Minnesota for the state powerhouse and ’95 State Champion Duluth East Greyhounds along...

  • t6

    Quick Stop Escape

    Using the quick stop pivot as an escape move in a game situation.   The ability to escape quickly opens up the game, and keeps the defense on their toes. Ted...

  • t5

    Quick Stop Pivot-Progression

    Being able to stop evenly on both outside and inside edges is a versatile tool.  This particular stop can help you change directions quickly which will be beneficial in many areas...

  • t4

    Spin O Rama

    A move that every player should have in their arsenal.  Whether you will use it to escape from a forechecker, to create space, or as an offensive attack move;  it is...

  • trotz

    A Coaches Life with Barry Trotz

    NHL Life Episode 7: A Coach’s Life NHL Life Series powered by L’Oreal showcases Nashville Predators head coach Barry Trotz. Watch Now… adminMore Posts - Website

  • t3

    Quick Stop-Shot Deception

    When defenders have good gap control on us we can use a quick stop to create our own gap and use the defender as a screen.  The following drill shows how...

  • sha_apr4_14_2

    Shooting While In Stride

    As a player it is a very important to learn to shoot while moving your feet.  This is vital as it doesn’t give the goalie the chance to completely set, as...

  • sha_apr4_14

    Quick Shot Release

    A drill focusing on getting your shot off quickly both on the forehand and backhand.  This is crucial skill to work on as it will used to catch the goalie off...

  • grad

    Should College Coaches Be Required To Have Degrees?

    ESPN’s Steve Weissman and New York Times sports columnist Juliet Macur discuss the Steve Masiello situation and debate whether college coaches should be required to have a degree. adminMore Posts -...

  • landscape_feature

    BC Hockey Academies Attracting Top Playing and Coaching Talent

    The minor hockey landscape is slowly changing across the province of BC. With the introduction of private sports academies, young players and their families have more options when it comes to...

  • mj_may

    “Rise of the ‘Hawks” – Mike Johnston Interview

    Mike Johnston was officially hired as the Head Coach of the Portland Winterhawks on November 28, 2008. Since then, the Winterhawks have become a model franchise in terms on wins and...

  • 10footgame

    10 Foot Game

    A look inside why having and continuing to develop a “10 Foot Game” is critical in todays game Darryl BelfryA pioneer in research-based hockey development, Belfry has worked with the NHL’s...

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