Todd McLellan: Sharks’ Coach Todd McLellan Talks Lockout

Updated: November 1, 2012

Caught in the crossfire, one of the groups seldom mentioned throughout the NHL lockout talk is the coaching staffs. While the players and owners go back and forth, there’s an elite group of bench bosses trying to find ways to productively fill their days while the negotiations (or lack thereof) play out.

A recent article from San Jose Sharks beat writer Dave Pollak caught our attention here at The Coaches Site. Pollak caught up with Shark’s head coach Todd McLellan who provided some insight into how he and his staff are managing during this dispute.

While McLellan and his team are meeting daily, including new additions Larry Robinson (yes, that Larry Robinson) and Jim Johnson, obviously they are missing the usual routines that a new hockey season brings.

“We want to work.” McLellan said. “Our bodies, we’re like players. We’re on a schedule, we should already be going. We’d love to be playing. That’s what we do.”

The article covers McLellan’s plans for having four coaches on the bench, rather than the usual three. He discusses a new approach to analyzing the games, breaking down shift quality, trying to make quicker determinations on who’s playing better and who isn’t, using new metrics and how they’ll evaluate those new metrics.

He also talks about his approach to job responsibilities for each member of the coaching staff.

It’s an informative piece and well worth the read for coaches at all levels.

You can see the entire article here.

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