Can You Feel The Tickle of Ego

I have determined after much observation and exhausting research that all men in hockey may have at least one woman, or depending on your age and personal status, such as being marriage with children, you may have a few women standing within your hockey life. Recently, it has come to my close attention that many of these female stakeholders in our lives say that the Ego (which by the way, is one of the 4 parts of the male brain) has no right or reason to exist and be a part of a man’s grey matter. This statement is no laughing matter.


As far as some women associated with our sport are concerned, the part of the brain called the Ego has done enough damage both in and out of sports and “for sure” should be out of the game of the completely.the_coaches_brain


“Here, here”…or should I say, “Now…now”. Hold on a minute.


Despite the so-called damage that the male Ego has done to many within our great game, let me tell you it does serve a purpose. The Egoic part of the male brain has an innate, I could even say instinctive, role to play. This role is to protect its user or its carrier (who is you) at all costs. This is the type of Ego that most in hockey have been exposed to, and the inter-brain process, that all most men have fallen victim to.


On the ice or on the street, whether you are on the giving end or receiving end of Ego’s perceived damaging behavior, it really doesn’t matter. You are a victim. Whether your logo says NYPD or FDNY, uncontrolled, unconscious displays of Ego leave everyone wondering (after it’s too late) who the good guys are and who the bad guys are…or should I call in the military? After hearing about an Ego-laced debacle on Long Island in 2014, featuring New York’s “finest” I was left wondering who was putting out fires and who was starting them. Should the firemen under attack call the police…or who?…or what? Please see this link: Bench clearing brawl at FDNY NYPD Hockey Game 2014.


After seeing the civilians (you and me types) intervening and putting an end to the police vs fire hockey brawl, it should be absolutely certain that unchecked-uncoached Ego has no part in our game. Agreed. But what about Ego that is controlled or coached. Is this possible? Does this have a role for athletes and coaches? The answer may surprise you…It does.


Look, I am always the first one in line to take a slap shot at the unmasked head of the male Ego, in sports or out. But this is only when I see it unmasked and showing its ugly face, in its uncontrolled state. Like the way it was behaving in the video clip from in Long Island. It provides good subject matter to write about and can be very entertaining. My book ‘Your Brain Is Out To Screw You!’ – The Men’s Guide To Doing The Next Right Thing, is my response to the current state of the male brain and my heads-up to the very damage the brain part called Ego is creating in homes and arenas everywhere.


Uncontrolled Ego is like being tickled. Right, tickled. When some other person is tickling you, you have no control over your laughter. You only respond to the tickling action of the other individual. This is maybe best noticed in younger children, babies or NHL hockey players. This is what the current state of uncontrolled Ego is like.


But what happens when you tickle yourself? Can you even tickle yourself? Probably not. I can’t. This is because you are in control and can predict or anticipate your upcoming actions with your brain, before they happen. We must get male and athletic Ego to this point. Is it possible? YES. And, as I said above, that is because there is a true purpose for Ego being a part of the brain. And that purpose (I will make it athlete specific here) is to give you a sense of right. Right! Ego can be the conveyor of quiet personal confidence if used correctly.


Ya…a sense of right. Like considering, if I am a fireman…should I be fighting a cop?Brain Book Cover shot - 2014

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He is the author of the book, Your Brain Is Out To Screw You - The Men's Guide To Doing The Next Right Thing. Steve was the Head Coach of the Chicago Hitmen of the NAHL in their inaugural season. Steve currently serves as a Coaches Clinic facilitator for the Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario.
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