Jim Robinson & Injuries: How Do We Keep Our Players on the Ice?

Catapult Ice Hockey Coach Jim Robinson

If I ran an informal twitter poll with my incredible army of level-headed, conscientious followers asking which league, the NHL or the NFL they thought incurred more injuries, what do you think the results would be?

What do you think?

“Hockey is nearly 20 to 30% greater than the NFL in terms of games lost to injury.”

That’s Jim Robinson. Jim works with Catapult Sports, a company that’s always looking for innovative ways to keep athletes competing on the ice, the court, the field, and so forth.

“Catapult’s ability to quantify the volumes, intensities and physiologic locations of mechanical load help reduce the incidence of lower body of soft tissue injuries and improve the recovery rates of hockey players.” Source

The game itself is consistently looking for the best way to measure every action that occurs on the ice. We all want to make the game more predictive, because as coaches, if we know what’s going to happen then we can plan for it. A coach who can see the future is a good coach, right?

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In addition to tracking player movement on the ice, Catapult’s mission to keep players on the ice is an important benefit for minor hockey coaches who are charged with keeping the game safe for young athletes. You’re never going to completely rid a contact sport of injuries, but if we can take the right steps to lower the risk then our players will have more time to thrive and their parents will have more ice time to complain about (kidding – I think).

For Jim Robinson and Catapult, technology ought to be embraced as a tool to help us avoid injuries. After all, “teams with fewer injuries win more games” – makes sense!

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