VIDEO | Winnipeg Jets Assistant Coach Jamie Kompon On Habits for Defensemen

Jamie Kompon Habits and Details for Playing Defense Ice Hockey Coach

“Every time you take a stride with the puck, the picture changes.”

For me, the most helpful part of attending coaching conferences in the summer is the inevitable terminology that sticks in your brain. These days I’m responsible for defensemen in my current position, it’s three years in and I’m still using terminology that I saw in presentations years ago. Take the above quote for example: that’s Jamie Kompon, Assistant Coach of the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets. When you’re on the ice in practice or on the bench during a game and you’re focused on the process, it’s the little details that line up with your own philosophies that inevitably show up. We all know what players should be doing on the ice, but it’s another matter to effectively explain why. Why do we need to explain why? Because these days, if a player fully understands what they’re supposed to do, then those conscious decisions will turn into unconscious decisions. Everything will come easier to the player, and they’ll play faster.

And fast is the name of the game. Here’s a snippet of Jamie’s talk from our 2017 conference in Burnaby. Expect more of the same from this year’s conference in Toronto on July 20th and 21st!

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