3 Playoff Tips to Get Your Team Peaking at the Right Time

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We all want our players firing on all cylinders when the playoffs roll around. So how do we get there?

If there was a magic formula that guaranteed peak performance someone would haver found it by now and probably wouldn’t be coaching hockey. They’d be the CEO of a gigantic tech company or something like that – someone who launches roadsters into space with fake space men zooming around, taunting the universe.

Oh yeah, someone has already done that.

But when it comes to hockey players, money isn’t necessarily the answer when it comes to peaking at the right time for the playoffs. There are other considerations.

1. Are You Even Going to Make the Playoffs?

I’ve coached teams that have sewn up a playoff spot in December and I’ve coached teams who couldn’t find the postseason if it dumped a huge bottle of gatorade on them. Everything in between, too. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of tapering your practices or off-ice training because you can’t look past the next game. Standings within the post season tournament count for a lot of hockey teams as well. Home ice advantage could save your program thousands of dollars or simply allow you the comforts of staying in your own dressing room.

So, with that in mind, it’s important to remember – you play to win the game, as a famous coach once said. If you ease up on your preparation and take the remaining games for granted, then your team will regret it at some point during the postseason.

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