4 fundamental strategies to reach peak performance and mindset

Cassidy Preston

Dr. Cassidy Preston is the founder of Consistent Elite Performance and a full-time high-performance coach helping elite athletes, teams, and businesses increase their performance and well-being. A former OHL & pro hockey player, Cassidy combines his personal experiences with the current research in sport and performance psychology to create relatable and practical strategies for his clients to apply.

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They've helped create a "Secret Weapon" for many athletes.

One of the best pieces of feedback we get from athletes in our programs is that we are their “SECRET WEAPON.” They say this because so many athletes are still not working on their mental game, so being in one of our programs gives them a distinct competitive advantage!

The problem is they often don’t share their benefits with their teammates and coaches because they don’t want other people to know their secret. But let me spill the beans on HOW our programs work (aka the Secret Weapon).

Our programs follow a three-step process that reliably gets athletes out of their own head and into the ZONE. In other words, it’s our Secret Sauce that can be your Secret Weapon!

Your players need to implement all three steps for our Secret Sauce to work. But the one that has the biggest impact and separates us from others is Step 2: The Strategies.

Hence, we call it The Bread and Butter!

Here is an overview of the 4 fundamental strategies our athletes implement (aka The Bread and Butter):

  1. The Alter Ego
    This strategy comes from Todd Herman’s work and is a great place to start. It is about identifying the mindset and behaviours of your players’ best self. The main goal then is to have your players show up more consistently as their best self.
  2. The Reset Routine
    This is the process we use to clear your players’ mind and activate their best self. It is a tool for managing thoughts and emotions that your players should use regularly before and during games and practices.
  3. The Reflection Process
    Most athletes self-reflect, but rarely do they do so effectively. Many make mistakes of being too hard on themselves, overly focusing on results and judgments, and rarely focusing on their mental game. The reflection process your players develop in our programs will be personalized to their best self mindset and behaviours. Doing this properly leads to massive developments in their mental game and technical abilities.
  4. Mental Preparation Routine
    This is all about creating a routine that your players can consistently do before practices and games to get mentally prepared. Creating a personalized imagery script is the most important part of their mental preparation routine. Doing so sets your players’ intentions and optimizes their ability to show up as their best self.
Now when you put these all together it looks like this:

The best part about these strategies is how well they work together. The Alter Ego is at the heart and the three other strategies serve to maximize your players’ ability to show up in the right mindset.

Mental Preparation is used before games and practices, the Reset Routine is for during, and the Reflection Process is for after (i.e., Prepare – Play – Reflect). When your players implement these cyclical strategies consistently, it results in an upward spiral in their mindset and performance.

So now you know how our Secret Sauce can be your team’s Secret Weapon.

But what your players need is to be able to understand the nuances of the concepts, personalize the strategies, and stay accountable for doing the work.

When you join our team programs we show your players and HOW to effectively and consistently implement these strategies so they can stop spending so much time in their own head and start achieving Consistent Elite Performance!

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