4 fundamental strategies to reach peak performance and mindset

They've helped create a "Secret Weapon" for many athletes.

One of the best pieces of feedback we get from athletes in our programs is that we are their “SECRET WEAPON.” They say this because so many athletes are still not working on their mental game, so being in one of our programs gives them a distinct competitive advantage!

The problem is they often don’t share their benefits with their teammates and coaches because they don’t want other people to know their secret. But let me spill the beans on HOW our programs work (aka the Secret Weapon).

Our programs follow a three-step process that reliably gets athletes out of their own head and into the ZONE. In other words, it’s our Secret Sauce that can be your Secret Weapon!

Your players need to implement all three steps for our Secret Sauce to work. But the one that has the biggest impact and separates us from others is Step 2: The Strategies.

Hence, we call it The Bread and Butter!

Here is an overview of the 4 fundamental strategies our athletes implement (aka The Bread and Butter):

They've helped create a "Secret Weapon" for many athletes . . .



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When you join our team programs we show your players and HOW to effectively and consistently implement these strategies so they can stop spending so much time in their own head and start achieving Consistent Elite Performance!

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Cassidy Preston

Dr. Cassidy Preston is a Mental Performance Coach that works with elite athletes, teams, & high-performing executives. Cassidy is also the founder of CEP Mindset and is dedicated to shifting the culture of sport away from limiting beliefs and back towards the love of the game.

Cassidy specializes in creating relatable and practical strategies by combining his personal experiences as a former OHL & PRO hockey player, with the current research in Sport & Performance Psychology. He continues to expand the CEP team of Mental Performance Coaches to help as many athletes as possible optimize their performance and well-being.

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