4 New Years Resolutions for the Progressive Hockey Coaches

4 New Years Resolutions for the Progressive Hockey Coaches
I want to be less reactionary and more proactive. I'm going to keep it simple in 2023 and you can too.

One of the (many) phenomenal things about resources such as The Coaches Site is the sheer volume of information available. The library has grown at a rapid clip over the years, a truth made evident to me by how often it comes up in organic conversation with random people throughout the industry. For instance, recently someone asked me if I’d heard about Glass & Out, the podcast I started with TCS founder Aaron Wilbur. This led me down a rabbit hole of episodes which eventually led to researching my own articles that I don’t remember writing. Some of them were great, whereas some of them made me cringe. Anyways, over the past three years, the most unique hockey seasons in history, the conversation hasn’t stopped. If anything I feel like there’s more communication now than ever. For coaches, this is a testament to your passion for the game and your desire to keep learning and developing on and off the ice.

And for me, the information here is the backbone of my coaching career. I count my curiosity as one of my strengths. Curiosity leads to research, which leads to answers, which leads to action, which leads to wins. Easy as that, straight line…not quite!

Nevertheless, I counted my research abilities as a strength as I went through the process with the Manitoba Junior Hockey League’s expansion franchise, the Niverville Nighthawks. I explained how as coaches we don’t always have the answers, but it’s our ability to ask the right questions and empower our players and our staff that leads to those answers. In truth, my relationship with The Coaches Site has helped me carve my own path through hockey and bolstered conversations such as the ones with the Niverville steering committee.

I’m not usually big on New Year’s resolutions, but I’m making some resolutions for 2023. Let me know what you think!

I want to be less reactionary and more proactive. I'm going to keep it simple in 2023 and you can too . . .



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  • Good reminder to own every moment and every interaction. The more I get to know my players; both on and off the ice… The more we build that trust and understand and are able to produce more; both on and off the ice.

Kelvin Cech

Steady contributor in multiple roles over the years at The Coaches Site, current General Manager and Head Coach of the MJHL Niverville Nighthawks, former Assistant Coach with the UBC Thunderbirds Men's Hockey team.

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