5 Questions to Help Your Players Build a Great Culture

By getting players to ask and reflect upon these 5 questions, you'll lay the foundation for building a great team.

Every coach in the world desires a great team culture. Team building is one of the most important aspects of coaching. As coaches we know there’s only so many things we can do. There’s only so much of us to go around. As much as we’d like, we can’t be all places, reaching every athlete, at one time.

One of the best ways to build our teams and programs is to duplicate ourselves. Teams develop great culture through their players. If we can get our players to ask themselves and answer the following questions, we begin to build a great team.

The first question players should ask themselves is what’s my strength? It’s imperative for players to understand how they can best contribute to the team. When players have confidence in their skill and ability, they better serve their teammates. It’s more important to understand and own one’s strengths rather than focusing solely on improving weaknesses. Teams become stronger when players focus on using their strengths for the good of the team over personal accolades.

By getting players to ask and reflect upon these 5 questions, you'll lay the foundation for building a great team . . .



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Kyle Elmendorf

Kyle Elmendorf is an educator, coach, speaker, and writer. He currently resides near St. Louis and is the proud father to two young sons, and the loving husband to his beautiful wife, Angela. Coach Elmendorf also serves as the director of business development for Lead 'Em Up (www.leademup.com), a company who's drills and excersises help build the leaders needed to win. He writes a regular blog which can be found at www.coachkyleelmendorf.com.

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