5 Ways to Support Your Child in Minor Hockey Tryouts

Athletes perform best when they feel calm, confident, and prepared.

Tryout season is here. Anxiety levels are up for both athletes and parents. We as parents want what’s best for our kids, and for them to be happy. Tryouts can be a tricky and difficult time for all. It’s easy to feel unsure of what to say or how to act before tryouts. Athletes perform best when they feel calm, confident, and prepared. As a parent, you can have a positive impact on your child as they go through the tryout experience.

Here are five ways to have the best and most successful tryout experience with your child:

First, praise their effort. Athletes can control two things: their attitude and their effort. By praising your child’s effort you are increasing their confidence. Confidence comes when one has given great effort towards their preparation. As your child practices before tryouts begin, be sure to tell them how proud you are of the effort they are giving. Coaches love effort and great effort is something that will help your child stand out from the crowd. Praising effort will reinforce your child’s belief in him or herself. We love sports because the mirror life and teach our kids many valuable life lessons. Continue to praise your child’s effort in all that they do. As a parent, you will be giving them one of the most valuable resources in life: self-confidence.

Athletes perform best when they feel calm, confident, and prepared . . .



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Kyle Elmendorf

Kyle Elmendorf is an educator, coach, speaker, and writer. He currently resides near St. Louis and is the proud father to two young sons, and the loving husband to his beautiful wife, Angela. Coach Elmendorf also serves as the director of business development for Lead 'Em Up (www.leademup.com), a company who's drills and excersises help build the leaders needed to win. He writes a regular blog which can be found at www.coachkyleelmendorf.com.

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