Ales Hybner

Ales Hybner is the founder and head coach of Elite Hockey Training Center based in Prague, Czech Republic.
Ales established his own academy for youth players, focusing on individual player skills such as power skating and advanced skating techniques, for players in all age categories.
In the last 10 years, Ales has coached at camps all around the world, including Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, and China. He also has experience working as a skills coach with Charles University in Prague.

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"Skating in a linear direction is no longer enough."

In any competitive sport, if you want to succeed, you need look for an edge.

In hockey, that includes skating, according to skills coach Aleš Hybner — the founder of Elite Hockey Training Center in the Czech Republic, who spoke at our Global Skills Showcase.

Part of gaining an edge is incorporating lateral movements.

“Nowadays hockey is faster and requires the constant reaction and change of directions. So you need to work on all advanced skating skills as much as you can,” said Hybner. “Skating in a linear direction is no longer enough. Lateral movements are currently one of the most widely used skating skills of elite players.”

It’s also important when teaching skating to players to make it fun, and keep them motivated.

Watch the full 25-minute presentation with a membership to The Coaches Site.

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