Pro Skills & Drills with Mats Lindgren – Passing Progressions

The Coaches Site and Mats Lindgren Elite Hockey is proud to present a new wave of on-ice drills you can use to deliver skill development in your practices today. Mats Lindgren is a former professional hockey player, a skilled forward who had stops with the Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders, and Vancouver Canucks. Mats is […]

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CoachThem Drill of the Week – 2 Way, 2 vs 1

Drill Description: Version A – On Whistle, from both ends F1 passes puck to who walks the line and takes a shot on goal while F1 skates to the front of the net for a tip. – F1 continues to skate receiving a pass from F2, and continues to skate down the wall, F2 skates hard to jump […]

Ask A Coach: University Of Vermont Associate Coach Kyle Wallach – Academics, Recruiting & Preparation

Kyle Wallach is currently enjoying a challenging season as an associate coach with the University of Vermont Men’s Hockey Team. For Kyle and the rest of the staff at UVM, of course winning hockey games is important, but when you’re overseeing a program that’s built on the balance between academics and athletics, sometimes the bigger […]

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Ray Ferraro: How to Build Up Young Hockey Players

He’s back! Ray Ferraro is a local legend here in Vancouver, though I’m not sure it’s because of his ridiculous junior hockey prowess or 400+ goals scored for six National Hockey League teams. Those items are part of it, sure, but I think one of the reasons Ray has endeared himself to the local market […]

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PowerPlayer: Feedback is Fuel for Young Hockey Players

Good coaching exists in that intersection where time, passion and effort meet. And these days, a fourth element—communication and feedback—has been added to the mix. Any coach will tell you that it can be tough for everything to align. Most are volunteers with a desire to give back to the sport, while juggling the endeavour […]

Todd Woodcroft: The Secret Importance of Faceoffs

“I call 24 faceoffs a night and that was the only one I got right.” That was Sidney Crosby from a couple years back after calling a faceoff play which resulted in a goal during the Stanley Cup finals. I focus on faceoffs a lot in my job – both my own team’s and others […]

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FROM BEHIND THE BENCH – The Specialist by Pavel Barber

In this instalment of FROM BEHIND THE BENCH, stickhandling specialist and online phenom, Pavel Barber, gives us a glimpse into his world. With millions (and millions) of views on his YouTube and Instagram tutorials, Barber is super humble and extremely passionate about the game of hockey and his influence on young players today. He’s got […]