Prodigy Hockey: How To Shoot In Stride Progression

How To Shoot In Stride Do you want to score more goals? Well then, it’s time to learn how to shoot in stride! To do so, I’ve outlined a progression for getting comfortable shooting the puck in stride, off of either foot. There are a number of ways to learn this technique but this method […]

Prodigy Hockey: How To Increase Hockey Awareness – Shoulder Checks

In this video Brian Keane of Prodigy Hockey talks about being swivelled headed. Shoulder checking leads to better hockey sense helping players anticipation, on ice awareness and knowledge of their time and space. In the clip Johnny Gaudreau is seen checking his shoulder consistently all over the ice. This allows him to see where his opponents […]

Hockey shooting hockey Coach Controlling ice hockey stride

Prodigy Hockey – Creating Speed Behind The Puck

In this Video Brian Keane from Prodigy Hockey highlights Columbus Blue Jackets speed behind the puck and shooting in stride. By driving forward and pushing the redwing players back Columbus opens space in the neutral zone to support the puck on the power play. For more from Brian Keane and Prodigy Hockey Checkout

Hockey shooting hockey Coach Controlling ice hockey stride