Creative Approach to Teaching Hockey Skating

  Skating drills are boring! Skating drills aren’t fun! As a player and as a coach, these statements could not be further from the truth. It’s all in the approach as to how we teach hockey skating in practices. Involving chasers, pucks, and a compete component will help keep your players interested and focused while […]

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Want to Improve Your Skating? Start With Edges

Simply put, edges are the most important aspect of hockey skating. Without good edge control, a player will continuously struggle to become an efficient and confident skater. Edges are used in all aspects of hockey skating including striding, crossovers, stops and starts, and glide turns. Becoming a superior skater all starts with exceptional edge control. […]

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Basic Passing for Young Ice Hockey Players

We have all experienced it before during a minor hockey game. The coach or parent screaming at a young player to “pass it, pass it”!! And there it is…the puck comes off the stick blade using some type of new invention flick pass causing the puck to travel in all directions but the right direction. […]

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Importance of Puck Positioning in Ice Hockey Skating for Young Players

Players of all ages want to be faster, quicker, and more explosive.  They utilize beautiful skating strides in practice while zipping through cones with precision. And then…the puck enters the equation and their skating mechanics drastically go downhill.  Understanding puck placement and hand positioning will improve a player’s overall skating speed, balance and explosiveness. The […]

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The Importance of Outside Edges for Young Players

It is no secret that every hockey player would like to be a great skater. One of the most important parts of becoming a good skater is learning the outside edge. The outside edge is sometimes referred to as the little toe edge and is one of the most frequent edges used in hockey skating. […]

Gaining a Powerful Ice Hockey Stride

Stride Starts at the Core A powerful hockey stride starts at the core of the body. This area is located just above the waist and is sometimes referred to as the “trunk” or “abs”. The core is made up of the Transverse Abdominis, the Rectus Abdominis, the Erector Spinae and the Pelvic Floor Muscles. Core […]

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Ice Hockey Stickhandling Fundamentals

By – Andy Haley – For Vancouver Hockey School Stickhandling is your lifeblood on the ice. Precise and deft hands allow you to weave around opposing players to get into position for a clutch pass or shot—and to leave your opponents looking like fools. But flashy hands won’t do you much good if you can’t […]

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