Coach Enio: How Comparisons in Hockey & Life Turn Friends into Rivals

In a perfect world we would celebrate and genuinely enjoy the joys and accomplishments of others. Yet if we use others as a benchmark to evaluate ourselves, that creeping twinge of jealousy may undermine our ability to truly cherish the good things that come to others. Just remember: over time, things may even out, and a friend’s […]

Enio Comparisons Friends to Rivals Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills

Goalsetting – It is All in the Process

By Coach Enio Sacilotto, Director of Prospect Development, Victoria Royals The beginning of a new hockey season is upon us and that means it is a great time to think about what you want to accomplish this year. In other words, it is time to set some goals. Why is this important? Goals are a […]

Enio Sacilotto Goalsetting Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills Victoria Royals In Between Period Talk And Time Out Strategy For Ice Hockey Coaches

Individual Penalty Killing Drills

By Enio Sacilotto, Assistant Coach, Victoria Royals (WHL), President, International Hockey Camps ( Below are 17 drills (& some games) designed to practise individual penalty killing skills. How these drills are used is up to the imagination of the coach. They can be done as individual drills before or after practise or they can be […]

Enio Sacilotto Penalty Killing Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills

Individual Physical and Mental Skills for Killing Penalties: A Guide For Players & Coaches

Teams with a high penalty killing percentage are usually at the top of their league in the standings and are championship contenders. Successfully killing penalties can be the difference between winning and losing games. In a game a timely penalty kill can swing the momentum in a team’s favor which can lead to a win. […]

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