The 5 Elements of the Clutch Performer

One Shining Moment, the NCAA mantra of champions as its athletes cut down nets in the wake of March Madness. Soon the NBA will kick off their playoff season, and of course the chase for Lord Stanley’s Cup begins this week. There’s no doubt each champion will have great performances from star players. But as we […]

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3 Things to Help Create a Positive Team Culture

With the arrival of each new season comes new players, tests, challenges, triumph, and defeat. It’s part of what makes our job as coaches so exciting. Each season is a new challenge and opportunity. As coaches, a lot is thrown our way and it can be overwhelming at times. Head coaches have a lot of […]

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6 Ways to Create a Memorable Summer with your Kids

Summer is here, finally. Can you believe the year is already halfway over? For athletes and the parents of athletes there’s really no break. Summer is just as busy as the rest of the year, if not more so. Going from practices, to summer league games, vacations, cookouts, holiday parties, birthday parties, and hopefully trips […]

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5 Ways to Support Your Child in Minor Hockey Tryouts

Tryout season is here. Anxiety levels are up for both athletes and parents. We as parents want what’s best for our kids, and for them to be happy. Tryouts can be a tricky and difficult time for all. It’s easy to feel unsure of what to say or how to act before tryouts. Athletes perform […]

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Five Ways to be a Great Sports Parent

Is there anything better than watching your child run or skate around with a smile on their face? Kids will tell you the number one reason for playing a sport is fun. Seeing your child find enjoyment while playing sports is extremely rewarding for parents. However, would it surprise you to know 70% of youth […]

Five Ways to Help Your Child After a Loss

The final seconds tick off the clock. Painfully slow. Your heart drops, not because your child’s team has lost, but because you know the hurt they now feel. You and your child both know you can’t win them all, but that doesn’t dull the pain. Your mind begins to think about the countless hours of […]