How To Understand What Makes Your Player Tick

Have you ever struggled trying to get your player(s) to do the little things you know that can help them be successful? I’m not just talking about helping them be better on the ice but also in school and around the house (like doing simple chores for mom or dad). Every year I have parents […]

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Design Your Own Ice Hockey Training Program

School is finally out, kids are excited and families are on their way to enjoying summer. Whether you’re up at the lake, cabin, or just chilling in the back yard, I know you’re wondering what your young hockey player can do to stay in shape. I have parents ask me every year if I can […]


Core Strength For Optimal Performance in Ice Hockey Players

There’s a reason why you hear everyone talking about how important core strength is. I have parents comment to me all the time that their player “needs core strength”. While that may be true, it’s very hard if not impossible to watch a player on the ice and determine if they “need core strength”, but […]

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Sticking To The Basics For Superior Results In Ice Hockey

    After I graduated college I started working with Varsity athletes right away, but I had no experience. I simply relied on my education that gave me the working knowledge of exercise science to design proper programs. With my background in bodybuilding I knew how to build strength and I knew how strength enhanced […]

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5 Things You Need To Know To Perform At Your Best In Ice Hockey

You’re either still in the playoff race or you’re one and done. Regardless, if you don’t know how to recover from the rigorous energy spent, you’ll quickly find yourself exhausted when you least expect it. And that can have a major impact on your performance level, let alone affect your entire team’s performance and ultimately […]

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3 Things You Need to Know About First Step Quickness For Ice Hockey

The hardest part of my job is educating parents and coaches by having them understand the facts and myths about off-ice development. Most of all understanding that it’s a long-term process whereby there’s no quick fix or secret training method to develop speed overnight. And let’s understand that the word ‘development’ means ‘process, growth, advancement’, […]

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5 Things You Need To Know About Nutrition For Ice Hockey

One of the most common questions I get asked from parents is if I can talk to their kid about nutrition. Every team and player I work with gets educated on high performance nutrition, but it has to start in the home and be reinforced by their parents (who actually need the education). When I […]

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Off-Season Ice Hockey Training Guidelines

Summer is here and as much as young athletes are excited for family vacations they can’t forget about getting into game shape for the fall. Strength, power and speed are key components for young hockey players and it’s much easier than you may think to see major improvements without the use of any equipment at […]

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