What it Takes to Succeed & How to Learn From Your Losses

Here we are back in full swing of another exciting hockey season. With much anticipation for victories, players will no doubt face adversities. I believe there’s always many lessons to be learned along the way. That’s what I love about sports, they teach kids things they’ll never learn in school. Sports are an incredible means […]

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Pickles: 5 Tips to Maximize On Ice Performance

Featured Image credit: Bob Frid, UBC Men’s Hockey Every hockey parent wants their son or daughter to be successful on the ice and there are so many factors involved that will determine how their future will play out. I know there’s so much information out there now that it can quite overwhelming, which can leave […]

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5 Tips for Preventing Injuries on the Ice

Accidents happen on the ice all the time that lead to injured hockey players. It’s a physically demanding sport where high impacts take a toll on a players’ bodies, even at the minor level. From collisions along the boards, getting hacked with a stick, hit by a puck or just falling, injuries on the ice […]

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Offseason Training: The Importance Of Proper Physical Assessments

After a long season it’s important for players to take some time off and let their body rest. During this down time players should consider a regeneration phase by getting the necessary body care. You might be wondering what exactly a ‘regeneration phase’ is. It’s basically getting your player the proper body treatment they need […]

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Design Your Own Ice Hockey Training Program

School is finally out, kids are excited and families are on their way to enjoying summer. Whether you’re up at the lake, cabin, or just chilling in the back yard, I know you’re wondering what your young hockey player can do to stay in shape. I have parents ask me every year if I can […]


5 Things You Need To Know To Perform At Your Best In Ice Hockey

You’re either still in the playoff race or you’re one and done. Regardless, if you don’t know how to recover from the rigorous energy spent, you’ll quickly find yourself exhausted when you least expect it. And that can have a major impact on your performance level, let alone affect your entire team’s performance and ultimately […]

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