PODCAST | The Cycle of Minor Hockey with Derek Popke

When the Minor Hockey Talk podcast was started by Aaron and Derek Popke a couple years ago, the premise was simple: a local show to get the minor hockey conversation moving forward. Well, there hasn’t been a shortage of topics for Aaron and me to cover since Derek got too busy making the minor hockey […]

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PODCAST | Aaron & Kelvin Solve the Cross Ice Hockey Crisis

Sometimes I just don’t understand the controversy. A couple weeks back hockey parents all over the country were enraged with the introduction of cross hockey for five and six year-old hockey players. It’s a style of play made famous by first overall NHL draft pick Auston Matthews, so it’s a no-brainer for everyone, right? Well, […]

Cross Ice Hockey Austin Matthews Aaron Wilbur Kelvin Cech Coach Tips and Drills

PODCAST | Exploring College Hockey with Mike Snee

Today on the Minor Hockey Talk podcast we’ve got double the fun – first, we’ve got Mike Snee, Executive Director of College Hockey Inc. on to talk about a subject that’s near and dear to our hearts. And, Mike is going to be presenting a talk at this year’s TeamSnap Hockey Coaches’ Conference! We’re thrilled […]

Mike Snee College Hockey Inc Podcast Ice Hockey Coach

PODCAST | The True Nature of Hero Behaviour with Norm Flynn

Aaron and I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the game’s true good guys recently: Norm Flynn, the founder and executive director of Hockey Heroes. Hockey Heroes is an organization that aims to give back to people who might not have the opportunity to play hockey otherwise. From financial difficulties to developmental […]

Norm Flynn Minor Hockey Talk Youth Hockey Coach Ice Hockey HEROS

Podcast | Hockey & Sons with Troy Ward

When your child’s sport of choice is soccer or baseball or even football, it’s easy to grab the ball and head outside. Some of my fondest memories are of chucking the ball around with my Dad. No, this didn’t turn me into a baseball player in any extent of the term, but it was awesome […]

Troy Ward Hockey Sons Minor Hockey Talk Podcast Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills

PODCAST | Oldschool Vs Newschool

With Special Guest Rick Lanz

If there’s one thing we know it’s that there’s not one specific way to make a hockey player. They come in all shapes and sizes, from various economic back grounds and more and more from all over the world. It’s like buying furniture from Ikea, following the instruction and then voila…you’ve got yourself an NHL […]

Oldschool minor hockey talk newschool rick lanz Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills Playoff push WHL Bantam Draft

PODCAST | Why Better Athletes Make Better Hockey Players

w/ special guest Mark Fitzgerald, Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Anaheim Ducks

Today – We are here to PUMP YOU UP! With a little help from our friend Mark Fitzgerald, Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Anaheim Ducks. Mark was a speaker at our TeamSnap Hockey Coaches Conference in Vancouver this past summer and is clearly passionate about developing athletes of all shapes, sizes and abilities. The Ducks were recently in […]

Hockey Development Minor Hockey Talk Mark Fitzgerald Anahiem Ducks Hockey Coach