Drill of the Week: Shot Scotty 3on0 Warmup

Drill Description: F’s belly out and receive a pass from the next player in line F1 shoots from blue line F2 shoots from top of circle F3 shoots from face-off dot to create rebound Key Points: Both ends at same time F1 and F2 stop in front of net after they shoot   For more […]

Drill of the Week: Wide OZone Entries

Drill Description: F1 skates hard across ice and receives a pass from F2 F1 crosses blueline hard and makes a wide cut outside of the bumper to go in for a shot on goal F2 continues drill by repeating from opposite side Key Points: Hard passes Strong cut to the outside, leading with the stick Make outside […]

Drill of the Week: Dynamic Passing Warmup

Drill Description: Players line up on blue line on both sides of the ice X1 skates backwards and one touch passes with X2 At bottom of circle, X1 stops and skates forward, still one touch passing X1 then swings into the neutral zone, and X2 passes cross ice to far blue line, X1 then skates into […]

Drill of the Week: Rochester 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1

Drill Description: D1 passes to F1 and skates to the top of the circle then retrieves dump from F1 F1 gets across to take EITHER the far lane or the middle lane F2 comes from the other line and fills the empty lane by F1 D1 makes a breakout pass to F1 or F2 and […]

Drill of the Week: Harpo 2 on 0 Net Drive

Drill Description: F2 and F1 Leave together at one end, one touching passing to each other down the ice F1 passes  the puck to F3 at the opposite end F1 and F2  loop around receiving a wide pass from F3. F2 then bumps the puck wide to F1 F1 stays wide and F2 drives the net looking for rebounds  Key Points: One end at a time After Players […]

Drill of the Week: 2vs1 Backchecker

Drill Description: F1 and F2 leave at the same time. Coach passes puck from the corner to any forward Both forwards go down the ice 2 vs 1 on the D1 that stepped out. After 2 vs 1 is done, coach passes a puck to a new D2 at the blue line for a point […]

Drill of the Week: Defense Breakout Progression with Shot

Drill Description: Drill starts with coach dumping in a puck. Both D1 and D2 tag up and one D retrieves puck and other supports Go D-D and breakout to D3 who shoots; coach dumps to opposite corner and D-D and pass to D4 for second shot Change D Progression: same format but this time D-D reverse Progression: same format but this […]

Drill of the Week: D Push & 1on1 Gap

Drill Description: F1 and F2 leave at the same time against the D applying pressure, keeping the shot wide F1 and F2  continue to skate across receiving a pass from the coach in the corner and continue to far end D gap on on the original side and receive the opposite forward attacking, playing out a 1 vs 1 Key Points: Opposite […]

CoachThem Gap 1 Vs 1

Drill of the Week: 1on1 Boston Bruins

Drill Description: D1 starts with one foot on the NZ dot, facing the boards, puck is on the red line in front of the D1 On the whistle, both F’s go through the circle and must touch the line When F’s touches the puck, the D can move and they play 1 vs 1 After the 1 […]

Drill of the Week: Track And Support

Drill Description: D1 receives F1 – 1vs1 – F2 tracks D1 stands up on F1 and puck is chipped F2 slides behind D1 and gets puck F2 cuts top of circle and up other side vs D2 F3 steps out to track F2 Both ends same time For more drills visit ————> CoachThem