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How would you define your leadership style?

If you’re struggling with this question perhaps you’ve never considered how effectively you lead and communicate with your players and staff. So much of the focus with coaches is on acquiring new drills, or learning about new tactics and systems, that it’s easy to overlook that there is just as much need for a strategy when it comes to managing people.

It seems coaches are generally placed in one of two categories; old school/hard-ass or a players’ coach.  However these terms don’t really articulate the true characteristics you may possess as a leader. It’s rarely that black and white. Having a clear sense of who you are as a leader will go a long way in determining how you interact with your players and manage the various circumstances and challenges that arise during the season.

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Over the years, several of the professional coaches who speak at our conference have commented that in the professional game, everyone knows what the other team is trying to do and in a lot of cases, teams play almost an identical game. In their opinion, what separates coaches is how they lead their programs and the level of consistency they are able to inspire from their players.

Barry Jansen is a senior human resources and leadership consultant who specializes in the design, development, and implementation of customized HR solutions. He came highly recommended from some of our past speakers, whom he has worked with.  Barry provided all of our delegates who attended our TeamSnap Hockey Coaches Conference in both Toronto and Vancouver with a complimentary online leadership assessment in advance of the conference and then used the data collected to showcase where everyone fell on the leadership spectrum. What became clear is that no two coaches or leaders are alike. Our individual personalities are just as distinct as our leadership style.

Barry demonstrated how having a clearer understanding of not only your own leadership style, but also where your players fall on the spectrum, can have a significant impact in terms of how you connect with your group; particularly in how you deal with players on an individual basis. What works with one player may not be effective with another. Having a strategy for how you employ your personality is invaluable.

Barry is clearly passionate about leadership and the impact it has on the success of teams and organizations. Our big take-away from his presentation was that good leadership starts with self-awareness. Great leaders are always looking for new ways to leverage their own skillset to have a positive effect on the people they’re working with.

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