Declaration of war against the old school coaching mentality

Cassidy Preston

Dr. Cassidy Preston is the founder of Consistent Elite Performance and a full-time high-performance coach helping elite athletes, teams, and businesses increase their performance and well-being. A former OHL & pro hockey player, Cassidy combines his personal experiences with the current research in sport and performance psychology to create relatable and practical strategies for his clients to apply.

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"The problem instead lies in the limiting beliefs in the Old School ways of thinking..."

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The Coaches Site is proud to welcome Beyond the X’s and O’s with Dr. Cassidy Preston and Chris DePiero to our network of podcasts! Stay tuned for weekly episodes as they help coaches develop the “soft” skills of leadership.

The theme this season is a Declaration of War Against the Old School Coaching Mentality. So we decided to start it off by making it clear what the Old School Mentality is (what we are fighting against) and contrast it with what we are fighting for (coaching and leadership principles that work).

One of the key premises is that this contrast is not about Old School vs New School because many of the leadership values, strategies, and principles are time tested and have been around for decades. The problem instead lies in the limiting beliefs in the Old School ways of thinking – many of which are still lingering in sports today.

Three big areas we breakdown are:

  1. Just go do your job and give tough love (the easier choice) vs helping athletes be their best self while being demanding, providing structure and being vulnerable (the harder choice).

  2. Setting high expectations about results and talking in absolutes (Need to, have to, should, can’t) vs understanding the range of the results, remembering there is choice, and how to actually develop a growth mindset in your players.

  3. Resistant to developing and implementing the ‘soft’ skills vs being adaptable, innovative, and open-minded as a coach.

Join us in the fight against the old school coaching mentality by sharing with your fellow coaches!

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