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Body shape and other key elements in every great shooter

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Today, I want to introduce you to the idea of ‘body shape’ and break down what goes into a great hard, accurate shot. Let’s start by looking at a great shooter, Steven Stamkos. Just look at this goal from the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 3.

We all know Stamkos has an elite shot, but what are the key elements in there that make him an elite shooter?

1. Body shape

Body shape is the position in which a player’s body contorts to when shooting a puck (Note: this also could apply to passing). Without a consistent quality body shape, players will struggle with accuracy and power. Within body shape, there are two axis — vertical and horizontal. This can be simply thought of as:

  • Keeping chest/shoulders over toes
  • Staying balanced (not leaning over left or right)

Take a look at the tape:



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