Building a Team Based on Values: Part 2

Our character is what defines us and is the basis for all of our decisions, actions and behaviours.

I share with you in this article the values and beliefs of Jack Clark, Rugby Coach at the University of California, Berkeley. I watched coach Clark’s speech years ago on the subject of coaching high performing teams and wanted to share his five values and beliefs. I have added “character” as a sixth core value because I think character must be part of the day-to-day coaching and development process.

The values and beliefs shared by coach Clark are common values and beliefs for high performing teams and are likely shared by other coaches. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using known values and beliefs that are linked to results of high performing teams. It is absolutely essential though that every member of the team believes in the set of values and beliefs and is using them in their day to day process of getting better individually and as a group. 

The Caveat 

The head coach has the privilege of setting the values and beliefs for the team and in defining the culture of the team. It is absolutely essential the coach walks the talk and uses these values and beliefs as a filter in making decisions and in guiding his/her own actions and behaviours.

Our character is what defines us and is the basis for all of our decisions, actions and behaviours . . .



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Building a Team Based on Values: Part 1

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Mike Coldham

Mike has over 25 years of coaching experience as a Technical Mentor Coach of people in Business and Sports. Now retired after 35 years of public service, Mike created the TLPF website to support the development of competitive minor hockey players. Mike works with competitive hockey players to help them learn how to play faster which requires tactical knowledge and skills.

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