Canucks Video Coach Ben Cooper on Preparing the Players

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One of the things that often goes unnoticed by the casual hockey fan is the amount of work that goes into preparing teams for battle on a daily basis. And we’re not just talking about the NHL. Today’s coaches work harder than ever, right down to the minor hockey level to keep their group on track and organized.

At the pro and junior level, a lot of that behind the scenes work falls on the shoulder of the video coach. So much teaching these days is communicated through video, and to get the right clips edited and organized for each aspect of the game (PP, PK, DZ….etc) takes hours of pouring over video of your last game, pre -scouting upcoming opponents and looking back on past competition to find any sort of tendencies.

Something that a lot of people may not realize about the Coaches Site is that our team is made up of fellow coaches who are just as passionate about the game as YOU are! One member of our team, Ben Cooper, is the video coach of the Vancouver Cancuks. Recently the Canucks did profile on Ben and the work he puts into making sure both the players and other coaches are prepared for each game.


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