Pucks Touches & The Key Advantages of Cross Ice Hockey

Minor hockey in Canada is wrestling with an important balancing act. Hockey Dads are volunteering their time in arenas from Kitsilano to Tipton in North Edmonton to Halifax, Nova Scotia and everywhere in between. I’ve yet to hear a negative word regarding these Dads, and for good reason. They’re putting their skates on at 7 […]

Kelvin Cech Cross ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills

3 Super Secret Prescouting Tactics for Busy Hockey Coaches

At this point last year I was flying to Lethbridge and writing about mortgages, seaplanes, and residential drainage solutions. I’d recently accepted a role as assistant coach with the UBC Men’s Hockey Team, but prior to that, it was a juggling act to keep my hockey dream alive. I suppose that juggling act never really […]

Prescouting hockey Kelvin Cech Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills