It’s Conference Season! Notes from the AHCA Convention in Naples, Florida

Update: Aaron & I recorded a quick podcast to tee up the conference. Listen here! —- I’m sitting in the backyard of an AirBNB in Naples, Florida waiting for the start of the American Hockey Coaches Association’s annual convention in Naples, Florida. Our podcast gear is set up, my talented colleague Jay Aikenhead is tapping […]

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Creating Offense: D Shots & Funnelling the Puck

At this time of year while teams are grinding through the playoffs it becomes increasingly more difficult for the D to get pucks on net. With a greater commitment to blocking shots and overall team defense, the D are challenged and forced to be creative to avoid killing offense zone possession. For those of you […]

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Coach Enio: How Comparisons in Hockey & Life Turn Friends into Rivals

In a perfect world we would celebrate and genuinely enjoy the joys and accomplishments of others. Yet if we use others as a benchmark to evaluate ourselves, that creeping twinge of jealousy may undermine our ability to truly cherish the good things that come to others. Just remember: over time, things may even out, and a friend’s […]

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VIDEO | The Art of Puck Placement

A growing trend in the national hockey league and beyond is the art of puck placement. As players get bigger and faster, it stands to reason that there’s going to be less space in which the skilled players in the game can operate. Placing the puck with self chips off the boards buys time and […]

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Hockey’s Great Debate: Analytics vs Eyeballs

It’s interesting how slow the hockey industry is when it comes to adopting new tactics to improve your team. I’m not old enough to remember Roger Nielsen re-inventing hockey by literally cutting video tape for hours on end in order to show his players what he was seeing. I’m also not old enough to to […]

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3 Tips for Playoff-Altering Last Minute Plays

There’s 1 minute and change left in the third period. You’re down a goal. It’s the deciding game of the conference finals, and your rivals from across town are already beginning to celebrate. Big mistake. You call a timeout and pull out the big guns – a clever yet effective offensive zone 6 on 5 […]

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Burnt Out Ice Hockey Coaches

Hockey in Canada takes on a whole new level of intensity during the holidays. The World Junior Tournament has become an annual tradition in households from The Soo to Chilliwack and all the way back to St. John’s. It’s a celebration of the Canadian game, and this year will no doubt be another classic as […]

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