An Easy-To-Use, Easy to Track, Performance-Magnifying Stat for Minor Hockey Coaches

Image courtesy of Maple Leafs Hot Stove We’re coaching an age of statistics. Never before have minor hockey players been so obsessed with goals and assists – or, perhaps they always were, but these days they see enough importance in individual stats that they’re willing to ask their coaches to add missed assists to the […]

The Coaching Carousel in Professional Hockey: 3 Benefits of Fresh Perspective

The National Hockey League has seen four head coaches dismissed this season. This after not one NHL bench boss lost his job last year. As an unapologetic coach’s apologist, it’s difficult to watch people like Todd McLellan and Joel Quenneville lose their jobs, even though for all I know they completely deserved it. I don’t […]

Video | Paul Boutilier: How to Evaluate & Guide Hockey Players to Think & Play Fast

Belleville Senators of the American Hockey League, the farm team of the Ottawa Senators, is a hotspot for teaching young hockey players about the importance of playing fast. It sounds easy enough, but for Assistant Coach Paul Boutilier, playing fast on the ice all comes back to the amount of information retained off the ice. […]

Young Hockey Players & the Entitlement Excuse: Let’s Change the Narrative

Something interesting occurred to me during Katie Crawford’s talk during The Coaches’ Site’s Coaching Conference this past summer in Toronto. Katie was a student athlete at the University of British Columbia, and she passionately made her case for a new way to coach millennials on the ice, on the court, and everywhere in between. You […]

How to Build an Obstacle-Leaping, Adversity-Defeating, High Performance Hockey Team

Every Head Coach should take advantage of the opportunity to create a Culture Statement that outlines the specific values and beliefs that will be used as a filter to make his/her decisions. These values and beliefs are to be used by every team member to guide their decisions, actions and behaviours. The values and beliefs […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of DZone Exits & NZ Entries

Top teams are able to exit their defensive zone and enter/exit the neutral zone with speed and puck control. There are good reasons for their consistent and effective execution in these two zones. If you’re interested in improving your own play in these two zones there are some pitfalls you need to avoid. It is […]

Could Hockey’s Best Defensemen be Hockey’s Best Forwards?

Today’s article is a special contribution from Gus Katsaros. Young skilled defensemen are stepping into the NHL earlier and more developed than ever. Capable of a rover style, they’re integrating into more offensive chances and making impacts at a younger age with more offensive skillsets. Developing better rover defensemen should also require teaching forwards more […]

33 Shots in a Period: Breaking Down Tampa Bay’s Historic Offensive Night

Let me first off thank everyone for such positive feedback from last year working with the Coaches Site. Having the opportunity to speak at the Team Snap Coaches Conference was certainly an informative and enjoyable experience. I look forward to continuing with the site and offering my thoughts on various topics relating to hockey IQ. […]

Understanding Dopamine & How it Effects Your Coaching

The brain includes several distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behaviour. Source This is an article I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. It’s about coaches, how we operate, and how our methods effect young hockey players on a cellular level. Now, I’m not a […]