The Strategic Dump & Recovery Play – A Pressure Offensive Tactic

It’s important to differentiate between a dump and chase play where there is no evidence of strategy or tactics being deployed and a strategic dump-in recovery play. A strategic dump-in recovery play tactic properly designed and executed is an offensive pressure tactic that should be part of every good offensive team’s game plan.  In the […]

Is the Powerplay Drop Pass Working? Here’s an Alternative

This is a special contribution from Gus Katsaros, a hockey analyst with McKeen’s Hockey focusing on the integration of analytics, video and systems analysis. Follow him on Twitter: @KatsHockey Let’s talk about the power play drop pass, a near universally adopted tactic promoting controlled zone entries. I am not a fan of this play and […]

Skills to Watch During the 2019 World Juniors Part 5: Defensemen Joining the Rush

This is a special series of six posts published over the holidays to help coaches watch the skills and tactics that lead to Team Canada’s success (or lack thereof) at the 2019 World Junior Tournament. Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part of the template guiding modern coaches at the minor hockey level, college level, pro level, […]