An Approach to Teambuilding Based on Values: Part 1

Image courtesy Brock University Every head coach is tasked with the responsibility of assembling and developing the best possible team. It’s not an easy task. Assembling the best team doesn’t necessarily mean recruiting the players with the most talent. Talent takes an athlete only so far. Coaches are tasked with selecting and developing players who will fit into […]

Coaching Minor Hockey Defensemen: 3 Questions to Ask After a Tough Shift

Coaching Minor Hockey Defensemen: 3 Questions to Ask After a Tough Shift This was the summer of asking questions. From the red tide-ridden shores of Naples, Florida for the American Hockey Coaches Association’s convention to Humber College and The Coaches’ Site’s conference and everything in between, one coaching theme was repeated over and over again. […]

Erik Karlsson San Jose Sharks Defencemen

6 Mental Approaches to Help Minor Hockey Players Overcome Stress

Stressful thinking creates catabolic energy – an energy that can show up as anger or victim thinking that will create tension, worry, fear and other negative emotions that will significantly limit their performance. Read part 1 of this series here Stress in minor hockey players blocks creativity, intuition, flow, and decreases confidence. They may find […]

6 Self Assessment Questions to Help Hockey Players Beat Stress

“Success is a science, if you have the conditions, you get the results”                        -Oscar Wilde The start of a hockey season can be one of two things for a hockey player; an exciting opportunity or a very stressful experience. Often it comes down to perspective and being able to manage the distractions that can […]