PowerPlayer: Feedback is Fuel for Young Hockey Players

Good coaching exists in that intersection where time, passion and effort meet. And these days, a fourth element—communication and feedback—has been added to the mix. Any coach will tell you that it can be tough for everything to align. Most are volunteers with a desire to give back to the sport, while juggling the endeavour […]

How to Protect the Puck with Pavel Barber

A couple weeks back we hung out with Glenn Carnegie in a video to help our players figure out what to do with the puck once they retrieve it. I’ve used those tips in my own practices multiple times since – getting the puck below the dots, switching sides, plays off of cycles, round-downs, and […]

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How Bench Metrics is Making Analytics Accessible

If hockey is anything, it’s adaptable. Changes have come to equipment, player size and speed, rules, penalties, salaries, even teams come and go. Perhaps the most recent change to alter the direction of the game is the increasingly widespread adoption and utilization of analytics. Jay Varady and Michael Zucker, founders of Bench Metrics, were some […]

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Todd Woodcroft: Who’s Ready for Faceoffs?

How do you start the game? How do you start the shift? How do you start a powerplay or a penalty kill? Faceoffs. It takes a lot of practice time to perfect faceoff plays, but it’s a crucial aspect of the game, especially if you are coaching at a level where there is parity. What do […]

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Three Disciplines You Can Practice to Keep from Being “That” Hockey Dad or Mom!

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day” Jim Rohn In hockey arenas, there seems to always be “that” hockey parent. The one who yells and screams at the referees, coaches and even their own kid. They are often over attached, takes things personal, is very self righteous as their version […]

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Jason Dorland on Motivation: What’s Your Fuel?

“Ran her fastest times in the last two years of her career. Who does that?” That’s Jason Dorland. He’s talking about Robyn Meagher, a Canadian Olympian and a world champion. Jason is talking about experiences in sport, specifically the fuel that motivates us to compete. What motivates you to compete? What motivates your players? For […]

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