Offense Via Puck Possession: Zone Entry Delays

Coaches want to play a possession game. We hear that in just about every coach’s pre-game presser. Here is the simplicity of attack hockey: take what’s given. Meaning, if opposition gives you entry to the offensive zone without having to beat anyone 1×1, then we want you to skate it in and keep possession. If […]

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The biggest challenge when it comes to steady improvement in skills and realizing potential is improving the skills that really translate to the next level. That does not mean a set list of skills that are useful, it is more about the individual and what they can bring to the game at the next level. […]

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Steve Smith & Carolina’s Penalty Kill | My Favourite Coaching Presentations

Our Coaches’ Conference is coming back to Toronto on July 20th & 21st this summer and it got me thinking about all my favourite presentations from the last seven years. There’s a few different ways to categorize these – inspirational, useful, most entertaining – but for me, my top three are going to be based […]

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TRANSITION! The game of hockey like all other sports has a language that catches on and is used over and over. You often hear coaches demand of their players that, “we want to play fast in transition.” As coaches, we create all kinds of drills to work on the offensive component of transition. Meaning, once […]

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3 Playoff Tips to Get Your Team Peaking at the Right Time

Image courtesy of We all want our players firing on all cylinders when the playoffs roll around. So how do we get there? If there was a magic formula that guaranteed peak performance someone would haver found it by now and probably wouldn’t be coaching hockey. They’d be the CEO of a gigantic tech […]

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HOCKEY IQ – The 4 Components of Ice Hockey

“He has tremendous talent but he just doesn’t know how to play away from the puck”. This is becoming more and more prevalent as we hear coaches talk about a player’s “Hockey IQ” or lack there of. With such parity at every level of hockey, it has become increasingly important for players to have a […]

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Hockey’s Home Stretch: Embrace the Struggle

Photo courtesy of John Leyba/Denver Post and SB Nation Another flight home, this time with four points and the first season sweep UBC has had over an opponent in … well I don’t even know if it’s happened before. Certainly not in my time here. But a tight win Friday and a convincing win Saturday […]

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