Built for Hockey – How to Know if You’ve Played a Good Game

3-Step Framework for Evaluating Your Performance in Hockey

Picture this… You just finished up your hockey game and are on your way home when you get a text from your friend. “How’d the game go?“ It went well, you tell him. Your team won! “That’s great! How’d you play?“ This one’s a little harder to answer… If you’re like most players, you’ll answer […]

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You’re going to want to read this one because I believe it’s critical to understand the mind-set of young hockey players. Believe it or not, we all share the same role as parents, on-ice coaches and strength trainers. We have a duty to teach and educate them, and we have a responsibility to help them […]

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Game Mapping For Goaltenders Volume 2

In my previous article I introduced the concept of game mapping, philosophies behind it and expectations of the process. Today’s article is going to break down a sample map and discuss common techniques used by goalies in each specific zone. Again this is a sample map, please remember that each goalie is unique therefore their […]

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Do You Have a D-Zone Dilemma?

It amazes me how much trickles down to minor hockey from the NHL from a coaching perspective. We watch so carefully how the “Ken Hitchcock’s” of the world piece together their system play and how they play against different opponents that we often think, as coaches outside the NHL, that we should be adopting those […]

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Maximize save execution and post save recovery

  Pasco Valana of Elite Goalies helps you make small adjustments to make big changes in your game. In this clip Coach Valana shows you how to have a proper set up for your pads to help you in your butterfly stance.     For more from Pasco and Elite Goalies checkout elitegoalies.ca

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How To End Sulking Players

Today, I make the bold claim that we can end sulking players. Forever! Wouldn’t that be nice? We all know the “Sulking Player”. They’re upset. They drain your energy. They drain the team’s energy. They don’t communicate. When they DO play, they suck. AND the parents are probably sulking TOO! It’s just a lose-lose situation. […]

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Creative Approach to Teaching Hockey Skating

Skating drills are boring! Skating drills aren’t fun! As a player and as a coach, these statements could not be further from the truth. It’s all in the approach as to how we teach hockey skating in practices. Involving chasers, pucks, and a compete component will help keep your players interested and focused while improving […]

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