How to Skate Like Connor McDavid 

Many people say that Connor McDavid is the fastest player in the NHL. That may be the case. If he is the fastest, wouldn’t you expect him to be more powerful and explosive then the average NHLer? If yo think like I previously did, then you will be blown away to hear that McDavid does […]

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5 Myths Standing in the Way of Youth Hockey

Brad Hamacher is a former Minnesota High School and NCAA Division I College hockey player who has coached in California for 15 years. These days, in addition to on and off-ice training, Brad operates a wholistic one-on-one player/family mentoring program. Brad’s working on a series of posts analyzing hockey’s current youth model, what we can […]

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How to Shoot the Puck like Patrick Laine

I bet you’ve probably noticed that some shooters seem to just get it. There are certain players in every league that shoot the puck just right and consistently put the biscuit in the basket. They find ways to score all the time. They beat goalies with ease and make it look easy. Patrick Laine is […]

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Pickles: 5 Tips to Maximize On Ice Performance

Featured Image credit: Bob Frid, UBC Men’s Hockey Every hockey parent wants their son or daughter to be successful on the ice and there are so many factors involved that will determine how their future will play out. I know there’s so much information out there now that it can quite overwhelming, which can leave […]

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The Demystification of Momentum in Hockey

Featured Image credit: Chris Mast “As any athlete knows, momentum is the most unstoppable force in sports. The only way to stop it is if you get in your own way, start making stupid mistakes or stop believing in yourself.” – Rocco Mediate When a team has momentum, it means a team has things going […]

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Coldham Playoff Breakdowns | NCAA Frozen 4 Notre Dame vs Minnesota Duluth

Image courtesy of the Saint Paul Patch The University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD) defeated the University of Notre Dame (UND) 2-1 in this year’s Frozen Four Championship Game. Strategy & Tactics Both teams played a sound defensive game, defending the neutral zone and protecting the middle of the ice. Players on both teams demonstrated inside out […]

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A Behind-the-Net Powerplay Formation Driven By Analytics

You often hear people describe sports leagues as copycat leagues. Whenever a team does something different, the rest of the league is quick to adopt their own version of it. In the NHL, over the last several years, teams have largely adopted the 1-3-1 as their default Power Play formation. While this is certainly dangerous […]


How to Coach with the Distractions of Multiple Sport Athletes

There’s not a hockey coach in Canada who would argue that it’s disadvantageous for young athletes to play multiple sports during the summer. Goaltenders who also play baseball? They’re good with the glove. Defensemen who play soccer? They develop quick feet and learn how to defend with their skating. Forwards who play basketball? They learn […]

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