It’s Time to Talk to Your Players: 3 December Goals for Hockey Coaches

Featured image from Vancouver Hockey School ‘Tis the season to reflect on the unofficial first half of your season. What’s working, what’s not working, and how can you capitalize upon both sides of the coin moving forward into the new year? A lot of coaches at this point in are prone to griping about underwhelming […]

Coaching Minor Hockey Defensemen: 3 Questions to Ask After a Tough Shift

Coaching Minor Hockey Defensemen: 3 Questions to Ask After a Tough Shift This was the summer of asking questions. From the red tide-ridden shores of Naples, Florida for the American Hockey Coaches Association’s convention to Humber College and The Coaches’ Site’s conference and everything in between, one coaching theme was repeated over and over again. […]

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How to Skate Like Connor McDavid 

Many people say that Connor McDavid is the fastest player in the NHL. That may be the case. If he is the fastest, wouldn’t you expect him to be more powerful and explosive then the average NHLer? If yo think like I previously did, then you will be blown away to hear that McDavid does […]

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5 Myths Standing in the Way of Youth Hockey

Brad Hamacher is a former Minnesota High School and NCAA Division I College hockey player who has coached in California for 15 years. These days, in addition to on and off-ice training, Brad operates a wholistic one-on-one player/family mentoring program. Brad’s working on a series of posts analyzing hockey’s current youth model, what we can […]

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How to Shoot the Puck like Patrick Laine

I bet you’ve probably noticed that some shooters seem to just get it. There are certain players in every league that shoot the puck just right and consistently put the biscuit in the basket. They find ways to score all the time. They beat goalies with ease and make it look easy. Patrick Laine is […]

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On Drafting & Recruiting Hockey Players: How to Find a Culture Match

The NHL Entry Draft used to be pretty straight forward: find the best player available, draft him, and pound him into shape until he either makes or breaks your hockey team. Well, times have changed. Recruiting hockey players involves a lot more than watching games everywhere from The Soo to Finland to Arizona. While the […]

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Pickles: 5 Tips to Maximize On Ice Performance

Featured Image credit: Bob Frid, UBC Men’s Hockey Every hockey parent wants their son or daughter to be successful on the ice and there are so many factors involved that will determine how their future will play out. I know there’s so much information out there now that it can quite overwhelming, which can leave […]

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