A Behind-the-Net Powerplay Formation Driven By Analytics

You often hear people describe sports leagues as copycat leagues. Whenever a team does something different, the rest of the league is quick to adopt their own version of it. In the NHL, over the last several years, teams have largely adopted the 1-3-1 as their default Power Play formation. While this is certainly dangerous […]


How to Coach with the Distractions of Multiple Sport Athletes

There’s not a hockey coach in Canada who would argue that it’s disadvantageous for young athletes to play multiple sports during the summer. Goaltenders who also play baseball? They’re good with the glove. Defensemen who play soccer? They develop quick feet and learn how to defend with their skating. Forwards who play basketball? They learn […]

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The Regroup | Comparing the Predators & Jets’ Powerplays on Game 7 Eve

Welcome to an early advanced edition of next week’s Regroup. We couldn’t wait. It’s a big night in the NHL. Game 7. This year’s Stanley Cup playoffs have been nothing if not dramatic. You’ve got Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals finally slaying their white whale, or in this case, penguin – you’ve got the […]

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5 Tips for Preventing Injuries on the Ice

Accidents happen on the ice all the time that lead to injured hockey players. It’s a physically demanding sport where high impacts take a toll on a players’ bodies, even at the minor level. From collisions along the boards, getting hacked with a stick, hit by a puck or just falling, injuries on the ice […]

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A Business Case for 1on1 Meetings With Hockey Players

Featured Image courtesy of Jason Yee I watched a short video clip on The Coaches Site recently with Ken Hitchcock. Ken was saying that the majority of players these days need one on one coaching sessions. I couldn’t agree more with Ken’s statement. I would advance the statement to say all players need coaching sessions […]

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It’s Conference Season! Notes from the AHCA Convention in Naples, Florida

Update: Aaron & I recorded a quick podcast to tee up the conference. Listen here! —- I’m sitting in the backyard of an AirBNB in Naples, Florida waiting for the start of the American Hockey Coaches Association’s annual convention in Naples, Florida. Our podcast gear is set up, my talented colleague Jay Aikenhead is tapping […]

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