Video | Brendan Taylor: Creating Offence Behind the Net

Ask a hockey coach if he or she would like to add more offence to their game strategy and you’re probably receive a peculiar look. More offence? Yes, of course. How? Every coach is looking for more offence, but these days it’s an incredibly broad term. “There are so many variables when you’re attacking in-zone. […]

Could Hockey’s Best Defensemen be Hockey’s Best Forwards?

Today’s article is a special contribution from Gus Katsaros. Young skilled defensemen are stepping into the NHL earlier and more developed than ever. Capable of a rover style, they’re integrating into more offensive chances and making impacts at a younger age with more offensive skillsets. Developing better rover defensemen should also require teaching forwards more […]

The Regroup | Playing Forward in Today’s NHL

It’s a new month here at The Coaches Site and that means we’ve got a new theme. Forwards. The game has undergone a renaissance in the past few years when it comes to puck possession and playing the game with speed and urgency. Never before have coaches done as much in practice to encourage offense. […]

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