VIDEO | Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie Coach Steve Briere: the Goalie Business Plan

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been adding important people to the culture of their hockey team for awhile now, and for Maple Leafs Goalie Coach Steve Briere, it’s important to be an impactful piece of the puzzle. Everything I have in life comes from being a goalie. Playing in front of pressure is the greatest gift […]

VIDEO | Mirtle & Bourne: Current Trends and the Future of Analytics

Sometimes the best perspective is an unbiased perspective. That’s the basis of The Athletic, a sports-writing company started a couple years ago with a mission of providing in-depth sports content that goes further than the average newspaper. James Mirtle is one of the architects of The Athletic, and one of the driving forces behind their […]

John Becanic & Hockey IQ: Think Fast, Play Fast

John Becanic’s presentation at our 2018 Hockey Coaches’ Conference in Toronto delivered the essence of a movement hockey coaches all over the world are looking to capture. Which is a slow way to say “John taught us how to coach players to play fast.” Much simpler.  If the player senses you’re not confident in your […]

Video | San Jose Sharks Assistant Coach Dave Barr: Analytics and Post Game Analysis

The San Jose Sharks have been a regular season powerhouse since Joe Thornton first started growing a beard following his trade from the Boston Bruins. Year after year, the Sharks are a contender. That simply doesn’t happen in the long-term of the NHL if an organization isn’t able to adapt with the natural progression of […]

Greg Cronin: The PK Pushdown, Penalty Routes, & When to Pressure

Colorado Eagles head coach Greg Cronin takes immense pride in his responsibilities, primary among which was his dedication to the penalty kill in his four years as an assistant coach with the New York Islanders before moving to Colorado. As a specific special teams’ coach, there aren’t many better feelings than a successful PK or […]

Video | Paul Boutilier: How to Evaluate & Guide Hockey Players to Think & Play Fast

Belleville Senators of the American Hockey League, the farm team of the Ottawa Senators, is a hotspot for teaching young hockey players about the importance of playing fast. It sounds easy enough, but for Assistant Coach Paul Boutilier, playing fast on the ice all comes back to the amount of information retained off the ice. […]

Video | Brendan Taylor: Creating Offence Behind the Net

Ask a hockey coach if he or she would like to add more offence to their game strategy and you’re probably receive a peculiar look. More offence? Yes, of course. How? Every coach is looking for more offence, but these days it’s an incredibly broad term. “There are so many variables when you’re attacking in-zone. […]

VIDEO | Clips of Winnipeg Jets AC Todd Woodcroft’s Offensive Zone Entries

Something interesting happens about halfway through Todd Woodcroft’s presentation on the habits and tactics the Winnipeg Jets use to generate offense from zone entires. Andrew Copp, a speedy, average-sized left handed forward kicks a puck out right to a teammate in the wide right-wing lane after skating it over the blue line against the Nashville […]

33 Shots in a Period: Breaking Down Tampa Bay’s Historic Offensive Night

Let me first off thank everyone for such positive feedback from last year working with the Coaches Site. Having the opportunity to speak at the Team Snap Coaches Conference was certainly an informative and enjoyable experience. I look forward to continuing with the site and offering my thoughts on various topics relating to hockey IQ. […]