How to Protect the Puck with Pavel Barber

A couple weeks back we hung out with Glenn Carnegie in a video to help our players figure out what to do with the puck once they retrieve it. I’ve used those tips in my own practices multiple times since – getting the puck below the dots, switching sides, plays off of cycles, round-downs, and […]

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Fuel Your Hockey Players with Feedback: Dave Mason

“I’m a hockey guy because of these people.” Let’s put on our parenting hats for a second. When you ask your kids how hockey was when they get in the car following a game or practice, what do they say? What do they report was said by the coach? What did they learn? If you […]

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Inspiration Through the Eyes of Craig Cunningham

You could lose everything and never see it coming. That’s the best thought I came up with to introduce Craig Cunningham’s talk from this year’s Coach’s Conference. Not because I want to scare anyone, but it’s because it’s the truth. When he woke up that morning, the former Vancouver Giant thought he was simply preparing […]

Craig Cunningham All Heart Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills

Todd Woodcroft: Who’s Ready for Faceoffs?

How do you start the game? How do you start the shift? How do you start a powerplay or a penalty kill? Faceoffs. It takes a lot of practice time to perfect faceoff plays, but it’s a crucial aspect of the game, especially if you are coaching at a level where there is parity. What do […]

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Jason Dorland on Motivation: What’s Your Fuel?

“Ran her fastest times in the last two years of her career. Who does that?” That’s Jason Dorland. He’s talking about Robyn Meagher, a Canadian Olympian and a world champion. Jason is talking about experiences in sport, specifically the fuel that motivates us to compete. What motivates you to compete? What motivates your players? For […]

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Mastering Your Edges with Jim Vitale

    When it comes to coaching hockey, every guy and gal has their own specialty. Defensive systems, goaltenders, special teams, and the finer points of the game, the skill – passing, shooting, stickhandling, and skating. A mentor of mine back in Edmonton, Wade Burt, has built a career out of teaching the finer points […]

Jim Vitale Vital Hockey Skills Mastering Ice Skating Edges Tips and Drills

Jamie Kompon – Developing Habits and Details

Skating without the puck is easier than skating with the puck. Standing still and stickhandling is easier than stickhandling in motion. For Jamie Kompon, perfecting the art of keeping your feet moving is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of his game. It’s so under-appreciated that Kompon has players who comes through […]

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Mike Snee of College Hockey Inc: The Value of Home Grown Talent

For Mike Snee, the Executive Director of College Hockey Inc., academic success in post secondary hockey institutions starts much earlier than you might think, and it doesn’t actually happen for the reasons we might assume. What am I talking about? Well, first let’s agree on one thing – the state of college hockey in the […]

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