VIDEO | Chris Hartsburg at the 2018HCC: How to Build a Team

There are still surprises in this game. With the advent of modern technology to track player movements, the development of advanced analytics, and the focus on intricate skill development models, it’s nice to know there are coaches out there who still prioritize the health and wellness of the human being first, the hockey player second. […]

VIDEO | How Sidney Crosby Protects the Puck

Players struggle to protect the puck in the corners for many different reasons. You probably wonder how players like Sidney Crosby can just so effortlessly keep the puck in the corners without ever seeming like they will lose it. The Crosby Protection formula works even though Sidney is not the biggest guy when it comes […]

The Erik Karlsson Deception Guide

What makes Erik Karlsson so deceptive with the puck? What allows him to deke players out on a consistent basis? After spending thousands of hours studying NHL deception mechanics and puckhandling patterns, I realized that Mr. Karlsson not only showed up in my analysis on a consistent basis, he was successful more than almost any […]

Erik Karlsson

The Art of Winning Puck Battles With Your Hips

How do players with amazing battling abilities keep control of the puck in tight situations. How do they emerge victorious, puck on their stick, from almost every corner battle? How does Sidney Crosby effortlessly fend off the best defenders in the NHL? How do smaller players win the puck in the corners against that bigger […]

VIDEO | Calgary Flames Head Coach Bill Peters: Are Your Players Aware?

“There’s a guy on a national broadcast who talks about faceoffs being overrated.” That’s then Carolina Hurricanes Head Coach Bill Peters speaking at the American Hockey Coaches Association AGM a couple years back. It’s a great way to kick off a presentation, because the audience can already get a sense for Peters’ confidence, passion, and […]

VIDEO | Winnipeg Jets Assistant Coach Jamie Kompon On Habits for Defensemen

“Every time you take a stride with the puck, the picture changes.” For me, the most helpful part of attending coaching conferences in the summer is the inevitable terminology that sticks in your brain. These days I’m responsible for defensemen in my current position, it’s three years in and I’m still using terminology that I […]

Jamie Kompon Habits and Details for Playing Defense Ice Hockey Coach

VIDEO | 1on1 With TSN’s Dave Poulin at the OMHA AGM

“In other years they tried to find perfection instead of finding the perfect team. This year they sought the perfect team.” That was Dave Poulin in an interview with Coaches Site founder Aaron Wilbur at the Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s Annual General Meeting last week in Toronto. Dave spoke on behalf of the Coaches Site […]

Dave Poulin TSN Hockey Analyst Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills My Life in Hockey Interview