Video: Shannon Miller – Torpedo Hockey

There is no doubt that our game has become considerably faster and more skilled in the past ten to 15 years. Even fourth line players have the skill and skating ability to keep up with the superstars in their respective leagues. So while the overall product has arguably been enhanced, one area that remains a […]

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Video: Troy Smith – Developing Defensemen

It always comes back to the fundamentals. No matter how complex the system is or how well it’s taught, execution will come down to the fundamentals. So often in today’s game, and we’re talking right down to atom-aged players, coaches put a huge emphasis instilling systems within their group that will allow them to win […]

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Video: Steve Spott & Bob Boughner – The Importance of Face-offs

To this day, we’re still amazed at the amount of detail professional coaches pay to every aspect of their team’s play. If it has even the smallest of potential to influence the outcome of the game, they’re on it and trying to sway its influence in their favour. With the amount of information available to […]

Video: Dallas Eakins – My Coaching Journey

The path to employment in most professions is usually fairly straightforward. You go to University, College or a trade school, complete the course to a certain standard, and then seek employment. That’s generalizing a bit but the point is that if your child wanted to become a lawyer you could paint a fairly accurate path […]

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Video: Mark Fitzgerald – The Power of Play

We’re currently witnessing a revelation in hockey. Teenagers are taking over the game, in the best league in the world, no less. A quick scan of NHL rosters and you’ll notice the age of several players begins with the numeral “1”. And not only are they making the team, they’re making an impact. So why are […]

Hockey Coach Training Mark Fitzgerald Power of Play

Video: Dan Lambert – Fundamentals of the Power Play

Your power play can win or lose you games at any level. At the pro level, where teams have ample practice time and ability to dissect video of their opponent, 5 on 5 play can often even out and it’s usually special teams play that can make the difference. In minor hockey, a potent power […]

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Video: Brennan Sonne – Where Do Goals Come From?

Ask any NHL coach what is the hardest skill or attribute to find and they’ll tell you it’s goal scoring. Fifty goals in a season used be a benchmark for goal scorers. Now-a-days fifty goals is reserved for the super elite and one thirty goal season will turn an average player into a multimillionaire. As […]


Video: Blake Nill – Success Through Competitive Integrity

It’s no secret that great coaches are always looking to grow and adapt as leaders. The presenters who take the stage at our annual TeamSnap Hockey Coaches Conference are always on the lookout for new ideas that will enhance their program.  While they take away a lot from observing their hockey coaching peers, they often reference […]


Video: Jim Montgomery – Puck Possession

Trends in the game come and go. In the 90’s we experienced the Left Wing Lock (hopefully we never see it again). In the 80’s the run and gun Oilers were the toast of the NHL. For a period it was cooler to win 7-5 than 2-1 (we digress). And in the early to mid […]