Jay Woodcroft: Creating Offense From the Cycle

You can’t coach offense, right? Not the case, according to Jay Woodcroft of the Edmonton Oilers. The video excerpt below was captured just after Woodcroft and head coach Todd McLellan moved on from the offensive firepower of the San Jose Sharks to a hard-luck story in Alberta’s northern capital that would gift them some kid […]

Edmonton Oilers Hockey Coach

Dr. Justin Davis: Debunking the 10,000 Hour Rule

This is seriously madness. Weird science. The 10,000 hour rule is a myth? Come on. For years we’ve been teaching young hockey players about the value of repetition. Whether you’re taking a wrist shot or performing a breakout to the coach’s expectations, the more times you can repeat the skill or pattern, the more it will […]

Willie Desjardins – Building the Foundation for a Winning Team Culture

“Champions are made in empty gyms” – Muhammad Ali  Vancouver Canucks Head Coach Willie Desjardins opens his presentation with this quote from Muhammad Ali to emphasize that championship teams are created in practice and that, as a coach, what happens in practice is on your watch. Meaning you’re responsible for the actions, attitude and work […]

Roy Sommer – 20 Years a Shark: Lessons Learned

1996. That was the year Roy Sommers was hired by the San Jose Sharks as an assistant coach. It was also the year his daughter was born. Today he’s still employed by the same organization and his daughter is a junior in University. As Roy points out early in his presentation; time sure flies! After […]

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Dave Smith – Linking Your Systems

WARNING! This presentation made us reconsider how we teach systems to our players. Generally, we break systems down into parts. Breakouts, fore-check, neutral zone regroups …etc. That’s not wrong per say, but by teaching each system individually; perhaps we’ve been skipping one of the key teaching points? The challenge is how players transition from one […]

Video: Shannon Miller – Torpedo Hockey

There is no doubt that our game has become considerably faster and more skilled in the past ten to 15 years. Even fourth line players have the skill and skating ability to keep up with the superstars in their respective leagues. So while the overall product has arguably been enhanced, one area that remains a […]

Torpedo Offense Hockey Coach Systems

Video: Troy Smith – Developing Defensemen

It always comes back to the fundamentals. No matter how complex the system is or how well it’s taught, execution will come down to the fundamentals. So often in today’s game, and we’re talking right down to atom-aged players, coaches put a huge emphasis instilling systems within their group that will allow them to win […]

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Video: Steve Spott & Bob Boughner – The Importance of Face-offs

To this day, we’re still amazed at the amount of detail professional coaches pay to every aspect of their team’s play. If it has even the smallest of potential to influence the outcome of the game, they’re on it and trying to sway its influence in their favour. With the amount of information available to […]