Every team needs a plan of attack.
Who wants to score more goals? You? Me? Everyone in the back? That’s what I thought. Dan Bylsma’s career has dropped him into very different situations in the past couple years. From leading a talented Pittsburgh Penguins team to a Stanley Cup, to teaching a young core with the rebuilding Detroit Red Wings as an assistant coach, Bylsma has had to find creative ways to create offence.

Everyone wants to score. From Sidney Crosby to Dylan Larkin, and everyone in between.

So how do we do it?

One way is to get your defencemen involved in the attack through the neutral zone. It’s easy to tell your players to drive the net, but if you don’t have a plan when you enter the zone, you’re almost as likely to get scored on at your end of the rink instead. Wide entries, speed, depth of attack, puck support, middle lane drive — whatever your team decides.

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