CoachThem Drill of the Week: Angle Progression


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Drill Description:

  • To eliminate a choice for the offensive player, we don’t go straight at, in front or behind them. We want to remove all options for that player by taking away where we don’t want them to go and give them one choice: down the boards!
  • The drill starts on the whistle. 
  • D angles F down the boards by taking an angle. 
  • The stick opens and closes doors. Place the stick where you don’t want the player to go, which most times its the middle.

Key Points:

  • The angle at which you approach player depends on two factors. Speed and location on the ice, as far as up / back and laterally. 
  • You dictate everything that player does. The only way for the player to get to the middle is if it’s left open by the defender.
  • Stick placement is crucial – most players don’t pay attention to this.

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