CoachThem Drill of the Week: Lemaire 2-on-2 neutral-zone angling

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Drill Description

  • First 4 skaters on the boards at the blue lines. Coach is at centre red line, on the boards, with pucks.
  • 2 O’s vs 2 X’s, full ice 2-on-2.
  • On the whistle, the coach randomly passes the puck to any of the first 4 skaters. The team receiving the puck is attacking the other end ASAP.
  • Defending team skates forward 100% to check. Angles and stick position are key.
  • Coach can let this drill run longer and then it starts to have a conditioning element as well.

Key points

  • On any change of possession, the defending team is now on the attack and looking to get down ice as soon as possible.
  • Advanced version: Move the first 4 players to the neutral zone dots and leave the lines on the boards. This allows the offensive team more options and makes the defenders check at a higher level.

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