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CoachThem Drill of the Week – 2 Shot Regroup Station

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Drill Description:

  • O1 starts in the middle of blue line and skates to either “sideboard” to receive the pass from X1 or X2. – After pass, X who passed battles net front against O2.
  • O1 repeats to opposite “sideboard” and other X passes to O1 at the blue line and battles 2v1 net front against O2. O1 can shoot on net or look for side-tip or “shot pass.”
  • Coach blows the whistle and O1 skates backwards to red line, pivots pics up puck. X1 & X2 regroup in NZ, below centre redline with O1. Net front defender, O2, gaps up and defends 2 vs 1.

Progression: 4v2 add in second defender on blue line and second defender net front.

Key Points:

  • O1 must have head up for shots and shot tips
  • O2 box out. Just focus on boxing out one player


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CoachThem Ice Hockey Tips and Drills Mike Weaver

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