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Drill Description:

  • On whistle First player goes and shoots from top of circle. Next player pauses then goes. It’s quick.
  • After shot continue to bottom of circle and open up for a pass.
  • Next 3 players have to be ready in line. Nice crisp hard passes on tape!
  • First player heads straight down and shoots at top of circle. Drives Net and stops.
  • Second player cuts to middle for a shot at top of circle. Drives Net and stops.
  • Third player cuts to the far side for a shot.

Key Points:

  • You can put your rebound in the open net but don’t shoot on goalie. They have to prepare for next shot.
  • Drive and stop at net.
  • Once drill is done exit net front immediately.
  • Driving Net creates a Habit you want to happen in a game!


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CoachThem Ice Hockey Tips and Drills Mike Weaver

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