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CoachThem Drill of the Week – Choose Your Gap

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Drill Description:

  • D1 Starts with puck
  • F1 starts on hashmarks. Can’t move until receives pass.
  • On whistle F1 carries puck and passes to F1.
  • F1 skates full speed down ice and takes D1 from other end on 1 on 1.
  • D1 after passing skates hard and chooses which pylon to go around.
  • Object it to go to the 3rd pylon.

Key Points:

  • Faster you skate forwards the faster you will be backwards with a better gap
  • Doesn’t matter if the D falls. Push their limits.
  • Pivot around pylon staying square to opponent with no wide turns.
  • Stay tight to while going around pylon.


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CoachThem Ice Hockey Tips and Drills Mike Weaver

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