CoachThem Drill of the Week – Team Canada Wannabe

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Drill Description:

  • X1 starts with puck, skates in for a shot on goal
  • X1 picks up loose puck in corner and skates up the middle X2 swings towards the boards and receives pass from X1 – X3 skates across the neutral zone and receives pass from X2
  • X3 then skates down for a shot on goal, keeps the drill continuous by picking up another loose puck in the corner


Key Points:

  • Continuous drill
  • only X1 start the drill, everything is continuous after that after X1 pass puck to X2 he joins the X2 line after X2 passes the puck to X3 he joins the X3 line after X3 picks up loose puck in the corner and passes he joins the X2 line


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