Two Goalie Low Post Ice Hockey Drill

CoachThem Drill of the Week: Two Goalie Low Post Read & React

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Today’s drill of the week combines some healthy competition with decision making and puck skills. Oh, it’s tough for the goalie, too.

Drill Description:

  • F1 walks puck off half-wall and shoots on G1 using G2 as a screen
  • F1 then grabs a second puck below goal line and has three options:
  • Option 1 – walk out tight to the strong side and shoot tight post
  • Option 2 – pass to F2 behind net who then can jam the puck or shoot far post
  • Option 3 – F1 carries the puck inside the faceoff circle and passes to F2 for backdoor playIMPORTANT: Coach is positioned at the wall and will dictate which variation players will execute by calling the play to F1 only.Designed By: PGI 

Key Points:

  • G1 must read the options F1 begins to execute and react to the play
  • Net awareness and depth is important
  • G1 must remain balanced and track puck all the way into body
  • For Option 3, the potential for a pass interception is an option and so is the save
  • For Option 3, G1 should be aware of F2’s proximity to the crease before the pass

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