99% Commitment is Hard, 100% is Easy: 4 Steps to Find Your 100%

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Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, famously wrote, “Successful people adhere to the ‘no exceptions rule’ when it comes to their daily disciplines. Once you make a 100-percent commitment to something, there are no exceptions.”

A 99% commitment to something is very hard, a 100% commitment is easy. When we’re 99% committed to something we’re faced with decisions. There’s a grey area. For example, say you make a commitment to working out every day and one of your friends calls you to do something else. You tell yourself that you will miss this work out just this one time. You make an exception just this once. Next thing you know you have another slip, you miss another work out, then another, and there goes your commitment.

When you commit to something 100%, things will be easy because your mind is made up. You have no excuses. All your focus will be on what you committed to so you will naturally follow the ‘no exceptions rule’. There will be no room for excuses or reasons why you cannot fulfill your commitments. You’re all in no matter what. Whether you want to make a team or win a championship, you need to make a written plan and you will find a way to put in the work every day. You will work out when you schedule a work out and if something gets in the way, y  you will find a way to get the work out done that day.

The One Percent Difference Between Being Interested & Committed

Joseph Schooling is a highly dedicated swimmer from Singapore who won the country’s first Olympic gold medal in swimming in the 100 m butterfly in 2016. Inspired by Michael Phelps, Schooling was 100% committed, and it helped him beat his idol.

Joseph Schooling: The Michael Phelps Fan Who Beat Him at the Olympics

So how do you make a 100% commitment?

Step 1Find something you want to do. What is your goal? What are you passionate about? What is important to you? What do you want to focus on right now? Make a team, win a championship, lose weight, eat properly, practise your sport skills, write a book – clearly define what it is you want and make sure it is worth doing for you.

Step 2Create a plan with action steps and write them down. It is scientifically proven that people who write down their goals perform 8 to 16% better than those that don’t. When your goal and your plan is on paper it’s tangible, visible, and you can hold it and look at everyday. It keeps you accountable.

Step 3 – Narrow your focus. Determine what habit you need to start doing to be all in and make a 100% commitment. Determine what habit you need to stop doing to avoid the 99% commitment and what do you need to do to continue to do to make the 100% commitment possible.

Step 4Hold yourself accountable. Sometimes you need some extra help to stay on track. Keep a journal – set daily goals and debrief at the end of each day; ask yourself what went well, what can you do better and what will task will you do tomorrow? b) Tell your mentor or your parent about your 100% commitment, so they can help encourage you. c) Hang out with like minded friends and you can encourage each other.

Start today. Take the easy way and make a 100% commitment.




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