Learn about three phases of skill development: technical, tactical & transferable.

“Don’t waste time with negative energy on what doesn’t work.”

Brandon Naurato, Player Development Coach for the Detroit Red Wings, had a lot of great takeaways from his Global Skills Showcase talk on Connecting the missing links in a development plan, and that is one of them.

Naurato, who has been with the Red Wings for the past three seasons, is all about the rule of threes: identify the problem, provide a solution and build an action plan. This works for most things in life, but he specifically applies it to three phases of skill development: technical, tactical & transferable. 

The language of coaching, the identification process, and possessing the right knowledge are also topics covered in this 49-minute video, as is how to design a development session. This is a video to bookmark because you’ll be referring to it often!

This video is available exclusively to members of The Coaches Site.

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Brandon Naurato

Brandon Naurato specializes in on-ice skill-based player development through the use of individual video, advanced statistics, and a continual study of modern technical and tactical adjustments, to personalize programs for every one of his NHL clients. NHL players he’s worked with include: Zach Werenski, Jeff Petry, Jack and Quinn Hughes, Dylan Larkin, Kyle Connor, Andrew Copp, and Josh Norris.
Brandon began creating this system through his work as a managing partner and director of player development at Total Package Hockey from 2012 to 2020. Along with his former TPH partner Nathan Bowen, they created the first online hockey academy in the US, producing over 75 NCAA commitments and 100 OHL, USHL, and NHL draft picks.
A University of Michigan Hockey graduate, Brandon has recently worked as a player development consultant over the past three years for the Detroit Red Wings.

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