Contest winners: My Favourite Ice Hockey Drill contest

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We want to thank everyone who took the time to enter the #myfavicehockeydrill contest! We were overwhelmed by the amount of submissions we received and it definitely wasn’t an easy task to narrow it down to three.

Watch full video break downs of each drill here:

Congratulations to the winning contestants and if your drill wasn’t selected, make sure to stay tuned for future contests coming soon!

Drill 1: 3 vs 2 Overspeed sort out

Created by: Dan Church, head coach of York University Women’s Hockey


This is a great drill for line rushes and compete. It adds game-like elements for both the forwards to sort out the best attack and recovery as well as allowing the defence to learn how to break out under pressure.

  • Start on coach whistle.
  • F1F2F3 skate around D3D4 building speed through the NZ. Next line spots puck on one side for the rush.
  • D1D2 cannot start their skate backwards until F touches the puck.
  • F1 collects puck and attacks the middle through the dots opening up space for a wide entry. F2 fills the wide lane and collects puck to start a drive-drive attack off the rush.
  • D1D2 backwards skate playing the rush. They will be under pressure because of the late start, waiting for the F to collect the puck.
  • Forwards can use any attack option off the rush (F1 shot for pass off the pads/rebound play at net, pass to F2 for tip, pass to F3 on Dot Drive for shot off the rush).
  • If the attackers score, or the goalie keeps, coach spots a second puck for a 3v2 in the zone. If the D’s recover the puck they must pass to each other and try to escape to top of circles where they can pass to the coach to start a ‘break out.’
  • Once play is scored or broken out, coach blows whistle to start play the opposite direction.

Drill 2: Small area game – 2 vs 2, 1/4 ice

Created by: Rocky Johnson, head coach of Howell High School Varsity Hockey


Use this in your practice and your players will ask for it over and over. Players will talk about this drill when they get back to the locker room.

  • Simple 2v2 in a very tight space using bumpers to set the space.
  • Divide players into two teams and use a small opening large enough for players to enter and exit.
  • Coach starts play by dumping puck in. After 20 seconds coach blows a whistle and players on each team must exit the zone before next two team members can enter (this teaches the importance of changing with urgency so you do not lose an advantage).
  • When a goal is scored, the losing team must sprint to the other end boards and return, including goalie (this increases the competitive nature of the drill because each goal is sudden death).

Drill 3: CAC 3 shot

Created by: Steve MacLeod, head coach of CAC Hockey


  • Run out of both ends.
  • On whistle F1 (low and slow) F2 wall option time their routes to be available.
  • D1 skates to top of circle, pivots backwards (shoulder check) collects puck, skates behind the net.
  • Coach at blue line will take one of the options away — D reads open player — passes (this example, coach took wall option away),  F1 will receive pass, head down ice for shot on net (give him/her shot option, stop at net).
  • F2 heads up ice but will backtrack around circle to be an option. After D makes pass, they pivot backwards to get another puck to pass to F2.
  • F2 down ice — shoot — stop at the net. D follows the play up ice, stops at the blue line, receives pass from D2 in corner, walks the line to access mid ice and shoots. Forwards are net front.
  • F1 and F2 tip/screen, hunt loose puck till whistle. Options: have D pass twice before walking the line, have D chip off the wall/glass, have forwards make pass.

These drills can also be found in the CoachThem Marketplace for you to add to your personal drill database, at!


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