Day 2 Recap: 2022 College Hockey Inc. Virtual Coaching Clinic

Day 2 of the Virtual Coaching Clinic brought another two incredible presentations!

The College Hockey Inc. Virtual Coaching Clinic is now well underway with four presentations in the books. Tuesday brought a look at both why coaching is about so much more than X’s and O’s, and how to develop defencemen to be effective in today’s game.

The Education of a Coach: A Conversation Between a Former National Champion Player and Her Coach

Laura Halldorson and Nadine Muzerall are cut from the same cloth. They know that wins and losses matter, but not as much as developing their players to be tomorrow’s leaders and role models.

In this exclusive interview between Halldorson and Muzerall, the pair of coaching superstars discussed everything from why they got into coaching, to how to effectively use their platform, and why staying grounded and grateful matters more than skill. This presentation serves as a good reminder of what really matters in coaching.

Halldorson & Muzerall’s full presentation can be seen here.

Reminder: the Virtual Coaching Clinic is an exclusive event available only to members of The Coaches Site. Join now for full access! Once you become a valued member, all of this week’s presentations can be viewed for 30 days upon their release. Two more videos will be released each day this week.

The Next Steps in Developing Modern Defencemen

“Being habit and detailed focused – we’re unrelenting in that area. Stop the drill if they’re not doing it correctly. Start back over and hammer it home.”

If you want to play for Stephen Wiedler, you better pay attention to the details. Be sharp and do it right. That’s how you improve. The University of Vermont Assistant Coach presented Tuesday on how to improve your defencemen; spoiler alert: it’s all in the details.

Wiedler’s full presentation can be seen here.

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