Day 3 Recap: 2022 College Hockey Inc. Virtual Coaching Clinic

The College Hockey Inc. Virtual Coaching Clinic now has six presentations available for your viewing pleasure.

Six down, four to go! The College Hockey Inc. Virtual Coaching Clinic now has six presentations available for your viewing pleasure. Wednesday featured an interview with the winningest coach in the history of NCAA hockey, and an argument that your players need shorter sticks.

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A Gentleman and Coach: A Look Back at Jerry York’s Remarkable Career

You don’t win NCAA titles, or championships at any level, if you settle for good. That’s a major takeaway from hearing the legendary Jerry York speak. Knowing that good is the enemy of great is something most coaches will keep in the back of their minds forever. Being good just isn’t enough!

In this exclusive interview between York and TCS Founder Aaron Wilbur, the former Boston College coach talks about how he was never satisfied, how he grew as a coach and why everyone needs to have a next shift mentality, instead of dwelling on mistakes.

York & Wilbur’s full presentation can be seen here.

A Case For Why Shortening Your Stick Will Lead to More Offence

“Why do we need a short stick presentation? The players’ inability to make plays in tight areas, that’s the biggest thing.”

For Alex Hicks, Assistant Coach at Arizona State University, long sticks are the enemy of production. The benefits of playing with a short stick are seemingly endless, he explains, and include an improved ability to move the puck long the boards and in front of the net, getting pucks in and out, and being able to have quick hands in tight situations. No more fanning on pucks in scoring areas!

Hicks’ full presentation can be seen here.

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