Todd Woodcroft

Currently, Todd is the Head Coach for the University of Vermont Men's Hockey team. A frequent guest of The Coaches Site, Todd has over 20+ years experience in the NHL and internationally. Todd began his career with the Minnesota Wild in 2000 and has worked for the Washington Capitals, the LA Kings, the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets. He also spent a year in the KHL as the Assistant General Manager/Director of Player Personnel for Dynamo Minsk.
Todd began his coaching journey as a Video Coach for the Wild and branched off into scouting, ending up as the Scouting Director for the Flames before coming back to his true passion for coaching with the Jets in 2016. He has coached in 7 World Championships and one World Cup representing Canada,Belarus, Switzerland and Sweden. He won a Stanley Cup in 2012 with the Kings and two Gold Medals (Canada, 2004 & Sweden, 2017).

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Join Todd Woodcroft as he prepares for a practice day at the University of Vermont.

At 5:45 am, Todd Woodcroft is ready to start his day.

Let’s rephrase that. By 5:45 am, Woodcroft, head coach of the University of Vermont men’s hockey team, is already showered, shaved, dressed and picking up coffee on his way to the rink. In other words, the 49-year-old from Toronto, Ontario, is firing on all cylinders before most have even rubbed the sleep out of their eyes.

That’s what it takes to make it as a college hockey coach, as Woodcroft demonstrated when we followed him for a day in the life segment as part of our Virtual Coaching Clinic. For anyone with aspirations of becoming a bench boss of any sport, this exclusive behind the scenes look at what the daily grind looks like is eye opening.

Join Todd Woodcroft as he prepares for a practice day at the University of Vermont . . .



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