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How to Download Hockey Sense Into Your Players

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Today, we download hockey sense into your players. Kind of like updating their “hockey sense” app.

Many of you know that our brains work great by ASSOCIATION. So our brains LINK things together really well.

If I say “The Great One”, you think “Gretzky”.

To test this out, ask someone to “Free Associate” with the word “Green”. By this, I mean you can ask someone to think of any words they want related to the word “Green”. 95% of the time, they will say “Grass”, “Colour”, or an actual colour (like blue, red, yellow).

When players struggle with hockey sense they are simply not CLEAR on what to do. You might be surprised by this, but when you actually ask a player what specifically to do in a specific situation – they usually stare at your with an open mouth, don’t they?

Guess what! When that situation happens in a game, they ALSO approach it with a blank stare and open mouth.

Oh. Shit…

Cognitive Science says that the best way to create links (associations) that lead to behaviour change is to create “If-Then Statements”. This links the right CUE with the right ACTION. IF – THEN.

Because we’re all tired of the lack of hockey sense with players, I’ve created an Open Source Document. It’s called Train 2.0’s IF-THEN For Hockey Wizards.

Anyone can use it.

Anyone can contribute to it.

Anyone can edit it.

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Here’s how I imagine it could be used:

  • A coach contributes their expertise to the document in the form of specific IF-THEN situations.
  • A coach edits the previous contributions of the document to be in line with their expertise.
  • A player who is struggling with a specific situation looks up the appropriate IF-THEN situation to see what to do.
  • A player contributes their feedback on the accuracy and validity of the IF-THEN situation into the document.
  • A coach notices that a player is struggling with a specific situation. The coach refers the player to this document.

Here’s how we might run into difficulties:

  • Certain “styles” of coaching clash in the IF-THEN situations.
  • Our vetting system isn’t properly structured to value high quality contributes over lower quality contributions.
  • The If-Then statements sprawl rather than refine towards the best one.

Now, this may be a cool idea. Or it could be complete rubbish. I don’t really know. But I offer it to the community of coaches to use, contribute to, and vet. We’ll see where it goes. If I’ve overlooked anything or you have any suggestions on how to make this idea stronger, feel free to shoot me an email at

If this is a good idea and it works out, then who knows! Maybe Mr. Babcock will contribute to the hockey sense artificial brain that we’re creating?

To access the Open Source Hockey Sense document, you can click here.


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