7 set faceoff plays NHL teams use on the power play (VIDEOS)

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After breaking down the 5v4, 5v3 and the power play breakout, I thought I might finish with some set faceoff plays on the man advantage from the 2018-19 NHL playoffs.

Faceoffs aren’t just about winning or losing the draw, they’re about what you do after the puck is dropped. If you win the faceoff, what’s the plan? If you lose the draw, do you know your opponent’s tendencies so that you can get the puck back quickly?

Here are seven different types of faceoff plays with some variations.

1. Pre-scout

Knowing your opponent is crucial if you want to execute.

Some examples in this video are options teams use against certain defensive zone set-ups they identify during pre-scout analysis. Colorado using the flank and attacking from the goal line could be a nightmare to defend.

What are you doing on a lost draw? Why not send your weak-side defenceman hunting the puck on a D-to-D behind the net?

How do you beat the “flush” off the draw or how can you hit the middle if their weak-side forward cheats high?

It’s all about knowing the tendencies and trying the create confusion right after the faceoff.



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