As coaches, we can greatly influence both a player's reads and effort.

Laura Schuler is back to break down the the key details and habits that are critical to creating consistency in your team’s play.

In episode 6, Laura discusses the important ability to break-out the puck through good decision making.

“To me, a good breakout is a function of two things. It’s a function of your player’s ability to make a good read, as well as your player’s effort level,” says Schuler. “As coaches, we can greatly influence both of these variables. For today’s presentation, we’re going to focus on a specific detail that I think is really important in helping us to be able to break-out effectively and quickly.”

Check out the teaser video above and watch the full 62-minute presentation with a membership to The Coaches Site.

Laura’s next live webinar on zone entries will take place on February 17 @ 3pm ET/12pm PT. The Coaches Site members will receive an email on February 15 with instructions on how to sign up. To attend live, all you’ll need to do is fill out the registration form and you will receive an exclusive link.

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  • Thank you Laura for intresting videos. What kind of tool you use to draw in those videos?

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